Suspended for 5 seconds of internet loss

Hello everyone!
I’m having severe issues with the competetive mode of Overwatch 2.
My internet is not the best and can’t be improved where I live. That doesn’t mean I have a high Ping. It’s just that (I assume due to Package Loss) I loose my connection every couple of hours for 5 to 10 seconds. This wouldn’t be a big problem in Overwatch one or any other competetive game but…

In Overwatch 2 players get Punished for disconnecting before the game ended. This means I can’t even rejoin my Team. I just have to listen to my friends loosing an unwinnable 4v5. And all of that just because the game punishes to erly. I feel like this is a feature that should be reverted back to how it was in Overwatch one.
I understand why it was changed changed but by doing that you are not only punishing rage quitters but also loyal players like me and all of those that play with me at the same time.

I have been an active Overwatch Player since short after the release of Overwatch one and now I have to fear that my Account might be banned if I keep playing without having done anything wrong.
Please help me out here! I really want to keep playing but at this point with an hour long suspension I fear I can’t if this doesn’t change.

Unfortunately it’s something you will have to deal with until you can get better internet. You will end up with a season ban if it keeps happening. During season 3 I kept dcing so I made the Decision to stop playing. It is what it is.


Greetings @Dasjacomo, I have to agree with @Jakk, it is what it is.

Blizzard are abit old fashioned when it comes to ranked play.
Unlike other games where you are able to/enforced pause the match for 1 minute (Which would allow a player to rejoin and not give the opponents an advantage), Overwatch has no solution, other than penalising the leavers team, and the leaver.

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