Suspension stupidity

Sometimes my internet goes out mid match and yes it is my fault but even when I join back I still get suspended which I think is a bit unfair

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Not really.

You are ruining games for others when it happens.

The game has no way of telling whether you disconnected by accident, or intentionally, so it’s treating everyone the same way.

My advice:
If you know your ISP or router is bad, and can d/c you any minute, then you shouldn’t join online games.
If you do know what can happen then it’s on you.

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Just for the specific case that you (for whatever reason) get disconnected from a comp match and rejoin and then manage to actually win the match I think the system should not punish you since no harm was done to anyone from your team in the end.
Basically, you get a chance to make up for your disconnect by becoming extra-sweaty! (“Hard work pays off” - Torbjorn)

Agreed. I do Quickplay first, and if my connection is fine, I proceed to Competitive.

Like you said though, if you know your router is bad, playing online game’s isn’t ideal.

Ok, but what about situations like what happened to me just now, where 4 people got DC’d right at at the end of the match? Was about 3 seconds away from winning a VERY close game, and then BAM -disconnected & suspended-.

1 person on enemy team and 3 people from mine.

In your situation this is nothing to do with connection, so advice from the person above about playing quick play first to make sure is redundant.

What you suffered from there is a bug. One that’s been about for a little while and totally surprised its still happening.

From what I’ve seen, when it happens, you don’t lose SR, so there is that crumb. But they really should have a fix for it now.