Tank is the worst role in the game right now

As the title states, Tank is the worst role in the game right now.

For me personally, Winston and Dva are the best tanks in the game right now. They can get in, get out and block damage. Orisa is good but only in certain situations, Sigma is just bad right now and Rein is basically unplayable unless you have an aggressive team and 2 pockets up your butt!

Tanks just get pushed around, booped, slept, anti’ed, stunned, etc. Oh and ults don’t seem to do that much or have that big of an impact right now, Rein’s shatter is useless unless you’re setting up someone else’s ult (Reaper, Dva, Junk, etc) Dva’s is ok but only when you catch people out with it, Orisa’s is good but people just focus it and then it’s just useless, Winston’s is all skill based but good for stalling (unless CC is on the field) Hog’s is just bad, unless you catch them on a roof or wall (and then you just get CC’ed into the stratosphere anyway) and Sigma’s is good but just doesn’t feel good sine it can be shut down pretty easily,

It’s just not a fun role to play right now and I’m just not having fun playing Tank, it just feels like unless you have a god team, you’re getting bullied by everyone else on the enemy team with CC, flamed by your team for putting a shield down for 2 seconds or micro managed and back seated by your whole team… and no, it’s not just a simple fact of “Just get better” when there is this much against you and very little positive for you.

I really hope they make tanks ALOT better in OW2, but I doubt much will happen and I’m honestly dreading OW2 right now for Tank players.

I wanna get some other people’s thoughts on this matter, let me know what you all think about tanks right now and any ways that they can be improved (I personally want Rein’s shatter nerf to be reverted cause it’s basically useless right now if you’re not directly on top of the team in 0.1 seconds)

Interesting take on sigma.

Anyone above diamond would hard disagree though.

Sigma is very strong, D.va not far behind.

Sigma, plus brig and bap makes Orissa a must play on most maps, especially anything with long sight lines.

But you are right, tanks are in a rough spot. But mostly because instead of nerfing healing, they buffed dmg to deal with oppressive tanking. (Now support is the oppressive role again…)

I’m just sick of being micro managed, flamed and whatnot because I can’t actually go in and do tanking… Like I can’t block 7 directions of damage while peeling for supports as Rein because our DPS can’t kill the enemy Doom or Ball…

Just making it to the objective sometimes is impossible because of all the damage and CC being thrown my way. It’s just not a fun role right now with the toxicity against tank players and just the general playstyle of tanks…

Just because someone is flaming you, doesn’t mean you are doing it wrong.

But sadly, DPS is the least impactful role (by that I mean it is the only role reliant on the other 2 roles to pop off). So when they seem to be having no impact, they will get annoyed.

But sadly, sometimes as a tank you have to realise the issue is not what you are doing… it is just who you are playing. Rein just struggles to have any value in the more ranged spam games that seem to be appearing.

If the enemy roll out with Orissa, Sigma/Hog, Junk, What is Rein really meant to do there except dodge damage and hope he has some shield to block hooks.

It just seems like right now, people just want tanks to do everything, we’re expected to kill DPS, protect healers, contest space, make space, protect the team, peel for supports and more… Like they have a Widow, one of the tanks NEED to switch to Winston or Dva to kill her, none of the rest of the team need to switch.

If the enemy team has a Pharah, welp time to bring out Dva to eat the damage and somehow kill her! We don’t have a shield cause Rein is bad on the map? Oh well, bring out Rein! It’s always tanks need to do everything while healers pocket DPS and DPS do nothing while tanks die. And if we even die once, it’s “You’re such a crap tank, why are you even here?”

Hopefully Blizzard can see what they’ve done to tanks and either buff them or just improve them, cause this is a miserable experience. I finally got to 1300 SR after taking a break from Overwatch for months, just lost 3 games in a row cause I’m expected to do it all and DPS are useless… I got flamed for not jumping on the widow, then flamed for jumping on the widow cause I died because she was pocketed by Mercy and Winston can’t really kill a pocketed DPS that easily… It’s just everything needs to be the tanks job, never anyone elses.

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Tanking as a role is changing, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it for now.

But the game is very much in a spam/poke mode right now. So rein offers very little, other than standing their looking all beefy.

Tried explaining to a friend last night who insisted Rein was the play, 3rd point of Route 66 against Orissa, D.Va, Junk, Bastion.

I admired his commitment, but for 3 minutes all he did was hold shield, fire strike and hide while they spammed everything down from distance.

If they found a way to make all takes better at face tanking, and just removed all shields, boring spam bunker comps like that would be a thing of the past.

Which is kind of where they are heading with OW2. Looks like Rein might be the best option, but because of his mobility and dmg (not shield).

Also sounds like Mercy and Zarya are currently in trash tier (while sombra is massively OP)…

All I want in OW2 is for Tanks to be good, with only 1 Tank, they need a MASSIVE buff… I don’t care if people complain that they’re OP, we’re losing a whole player and tank… Tanks need to be powerful, they need to be able to actually get to point without being 200 HP and then dead 2 seconds later. It’s not even about the amount of CC (although CC is the bane of every tank’s existence) it’s just about the amount of DPS coming for the tanks from every direction, we just can’t stay alive long enough to do anything unless we have 2 pockets up our butts.

Sym, Mei, Soldier, Pharah, Echo, etc… all heroes I’ve been seeing ALOT more recently and all have insane damage where if a shield is down for even a second (unless natural cover is nearby) you’re just dead. It might just be the rank I’m in (Bronze, sitting around 1200-1300) but it’s just not fun to play 90% of the tanks cause you can’t do that much right now without dying for it every time.