Tanking have never been in such a bad state

I came back to ow2 after 1 year. I dont know what you have done to this role. Its like a cards game. You cant really build your ult because you have to switch to 5 different tanks in 1 game because of this horrendous counter meta now when it comes to tank. The role was so pure before.

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Yeah the need for counter swapping really does suck the fun out of it.

My only tip is to just not do it. If you lose you lose, don’t lose any sleep over it.

I could litterally climb and carry with rein winston and dva. Some guy that have had 2 hours on honolulu dude destroys any winston rein or orisa its insane.

Or they just pick Hog and get free value while not even playing the game.

3 years + now he’s needed nerfing… I wonder if it will ever happen.

From a support main POV; Most tanks stand in the open and die in a second so I guess learning the basics for some would be benificial

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Or just learning when you die would be a start.

If die… what ever it is you did… maybe don’t do it again.

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Indeed. Stopped playing tank post Overwatch tbh.
The counter swapping is annoying, and I miss the synergy we could have between tanks.