Teach me how to dps oh sempai


Hi! My name is Caroline, I´m 25 and I´m looking for 1 or maybe 2 people that can help me get better at playing dps. I don’t totally suck but I kind of wanna get better so I can help my team more when I get in to comp.
I would prefer people over at least 18 to play with that are calm and have patience. Thank you :slight_smile:


Hello there!

I think I can bring you some tips as I began to train more seriously my dps skill last season and improved a lot, I don’t know your rank but I went from mid plat to high diamond. I’m 26 yo player, if you want to add me :

Akylon#2644 on battle.net

And Akylon#5460 on discord.

Don’t hesitate to message me and maybe see you in game :slight_smile:


Hey i could help you if you like my discord is EaglesEyes#2305 and my bnet tag is EaglesEyes#21695


hi, im mid/high gold trying to improve on dps such as reaper and genji,do you think you could help me too?


I could help with reaper but genji not so much