Team LF 2 DPS + 1 Off-Tank [Platinum] [EU/NA]


We’re a team hovering around 2500-2700 looking for 2 DPS in the same bracket, and an off-tank that are willing to improve and push for Diamond this season (and push for farther next season), and obviously to also hang out and have a laugh with! It’s a game, after all!

Discord/voice chat would be ideal, obviously no need to speak if you’re shy, but callouts are important!

Add lazarus#3310 on Discord/NoodlePopcorn on PSN if you’re interested/want more info!


What do you as the three stack generally prefer to play as? I hover around high Plat, have reached Diamond a couple of times and pretty flexible with most heroes (not so much with close or melee types like Genji though).


One prefers to main tank, and the other two (me included) are more support but are super flex, so we’re looking for an off tank and 2 dps :smiley:


Hey I’m currently around 2600 sr, flex player but I have been playing Dva for a while also 76, Pharah, Tracer. My PSN: WPWET


Ajay7heDJ psn name i can play any hero