Thank you, heroes. Let's talk about our next steps for Overwatch 2!

Thank you, heroes. Let's talk about our next steps for Overwatch 2!

Introducing three Double Match XP weekends, Legendary skin and Weapon Charm login bonus.

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That’s cool. The only thing i have to say is that i feel that the facial hair is super bright compared to the rest of the color palette.
Other than that, i love the undead pirate style.


I think I will wait. Good luck with the game though.


It’s impressive that you can’t state something like a simple [sorry].

For anyone wondering;
→ FREE XP weekends for everyone logging in AFTER 10/25, sounds like this excuse is just a simple AD CAMPAIGN.

I’m sure by now the playerbase is taking notice of this. This is just another means to increase their active users for the end of the year’s shareholder meeting.

On the funny side, the Cursed Reaper skin to go with a Cursed launch experience, very topical.


With the outpouring from the community about the launch state, balance, shop pricing, battlepass content (especially the free stuff), and lack of ability to reasonably earn skins, you’d think a post titled “next steps” would have more than a heads up for double xp and a free skin.

I want to want to play the game, but the gameplay itself won’t keep me around forever. Where’s the cosmetic progression, besides the progression of me getting thin and sickly because I’ve had to stop buying food for a week to purchase a skin released 5 years ago that you used to be able to get for free if you played the game a bunch?

Come on…


After everything us Halo fans had to deal with in Halo Infinite, I do appreciate the communication. 343 just kept pretending everything was fine, so it’s nice to see a development team actually acknowledge problems.

That being said, a few double XP weekends, a single legendary skin and a single weapon charm are pretty lazy compensation for everything. I think you owe people more than that, especially long-time fans who have actually stuck around. This launch has been a complete disaster, and the utter disrespect toward people who can’t afford expensive phone contracts was flat out insulting.


The Gameplay is fun and that’s great, I’ve personally put a good 20-30 hours down on the game over the last week, but the state of progression and the rewards available/pricing really make it hard to see a future where I keep playing this game.

My main issues are the absurd pricing on cosmetics, how stingy the free track on the battle pass is. The paltry rewards from weekly challenges. A serious lack of rewards you can earn through gameplay (not via the battle pass), and Feature regression.

Personal peeves include the fact that the ranking systems seems to put you at bronze no matter how well you do, that they left in voicelines saying “I’m on fire!” despite the fact they removed the feature,
and that they removed levelling ENTIRELY?? and show your old level on your profile just to taunt you?! Levelling in a game cannot be underestimated as a measure of prestige. It gives people a solid sense that their efforts weren’t wasted, and adds to their long-term investment in the game.

So unless a good chunk of those things can at least partially be seen to, I doubt overwatch 2 will be taking up much more of my time now or in the future.


You say that later this week you’re going to address other concerns you’ve seen in the community. I REALLY hope this includes the fact that people who have Noire Widowmaker on console cannot access the skin on PC after the merge.

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Hi Blizzard Team,

I played a custom game with AI bots hard difficulty on both sides and I was the only person playing with AI’s on my PC.

After playing the custom game, I realized how AI Bots used aim assist even though I was so far back with my AI Bots to hit me or aim at me.

I got a feeling people are using your AI Bot’s aim assist script to make hacks so that it does not get detected.

You might want to let your Anti-Cheat Team know about this, maybe I could be right or I could be wrong.

I’m seeing people playing in Quick Play with the aim assist function similar to your AI Bots script on PC.

I just felt I should inform you to help the community of Overwatch 2 against cheaters.

Thank you so much for your time to read this.

Have a great day ahead and keep up the good job guys.

My both kids and I love overwatch 1 & 2 so much.


Siva Kumar

That’s it?! A single charm and a legendary skin?
With the amount of issues Overwatch has caused this is not near enough. I can already hear people typing: “But it’s a $20,- legendary skin” NO IT’S NOT.
You used to pay $40,- and got an entire, full game filled with thousands of amazing assets for it. Now $20,- for a single skin? Absolute insanity, it’s worth €1,- MAX.
If you accept this as an apology you’re part of the problem.
How is a company that’s worth billions not able to just rent servers for a launch like this? How is a company worth billions not able to compensate us for their incompetence and lost time?

This is an absolute joke, and whomever thinks this is acceptable is part of the problem with todays gaming landscape.


The amount of entitlement people have blows my mind. Sure there have been some issues at launch but you’re not owed anything. And what online game launches without a hiccup?

Sure the progression system could see some improvements, but the company need to make money, and this is infinitely better than the predatory use of loot boxes. And that $40 you spent on overwatch 6 years ago isn’t enough to keep the game going forever.

I’m just grateful that the heroes, whilst tied to the battlepass, can be unlocked for free, and with challenges after the battle pass is over if you didn’t play enough that season.

If it was just a game I doubt the people complaining would have as much of an issue with it, but most of us have been patiently waiting for three years for OWII to launch and considering the fact that Blizzard has a track record of having less than steller launches with their games and combine with that the fact that it’s now F2P and a live service and they should have expected the login servers and the game servers to be flooded with players.

Combine with that the announcement of SMS protect which for the most part of last week alienated millions of players from playing the game if they had a pre-paid phone plan and I can honestly understand why people are upset, angry and feel that this is not enough to mend any bridges that they burned down.

The company made money, even without any updates Overwatch made 800 million in 2020. The issue most people have with this type of monetization is that it is FoMo [Fear of Missing out] and extremely predatory when you have to grind missions for 32 weeks to afford a legendary skin now when you could just work towards it.

The issue with removing levels and lootboxes is that they also remove a feel of progression from your account where you felt like you were working towards something, they could have easily added cosmetics whether a weapon charm or a spray to at least give the player something but they opted to remove it and to add a shop where you can buy skins you could earn in events for money.

And that’s without discussing the price point of some of these skins which is absolutely mindblowing.


Get Jeff back to clear up this mess… The 40€ for the OW2 pre-package were a waste of resources and I will never again spend a single cent for a cash grab game like this.
Maybe I will stick to the game for a couple of more hours, until I found the substitute game for me.

And the guy complaining about the entitlement is making me laugh hard. As mentioned earlier people like him are part of the problem.


As you say, they have a track record of less than stellar launches, so why did anyone expect it to go down without a hitch? Is it ever at simple as buying more server space? People couldn’t play the free game for a day or so, sad face.

And making that much money through people gambling for skins without any content is exactly why it’s bad right? Surely it was still praying in people’s fomo but they were unable to just buy what they wanted.

Yes, the progression is underwhelming, and the skins are expensive, but the gameplay is great right? Is that not the most important part? The rest will get ironed out?

But thinking they owe me cause couldn’t get on first night, or guy who’s upset cause he spent €40 euros on a pack, and got exactly what he paid for? I don’t get it. There wasn’t anything underhand.

Why. Just don’t spend money if you haven’t got it to spend, if you’re in that situation food and heating is probably a priority.

Personally I have a job, so if they ever realease something I like, I’ll consider buying it.

They deserve to be paid well for their work.

I’m sorry, what?
Blizzard is a billion-dollar company that is backed by Activision in terms of assets and finances, there is no excuse for a industry veteran as Blizzard who have so much experience under their belt with massive-multiplayer franchises that have millions of players like World of Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo.

They either underestimated how many players were going to try to log in, or they were unable to deal with the massive influx of players due to limitations on servers or people at hand. Either is a bad portrayal on how they handle customers their first experience into the Overwatch franchise as first experience is everything in the F2P market.

It took until Friday for Blizzard to fix the SMS protect, which means that millions of players were unable to play the game till at least Friday. Next to that server instability took until Saturday to be resolved where players were not getting random disconnects in matches, please familiarize yourself with the facts before you go off spouting nonsense like the servers only being down for a day.

The difference is and was choice, while I’m by no means a supporter of lootboxes you could earn the lootboxes for free by just playing the game, progressing your account and earning a level. With OWII the choice is gone, the progression is gone and what is left is an arbitrary system that only lets you get what you want if you pay 20€ per skin.

Besides that, if you got a reward that you already unlocked the game would just give you credits, which passively let you work towards the thing that you did want.

Again, it wasn’t the first night.
Some players were unable to play games (depending on their location and server stability) up until Saturday and millions of players were unable to login to the game because of Blizzards smart choice to add SMS protect but limit it to not allow people who had a pre-paid phone plan.


Blizzard isn’t the only company that struggles with online games at launch. It seems to be an issue with all companies. Makes me think there isn’t a simple solution

Okay, people couldn’t play the game for a week. Sad times. But thinking a company owes you because you couldn’t access their service is crazy.

Why do I feel that the Health Pack charm is the most appropriate item for Sombra! :rofl:

It’s not JUST because the servers were clogged, it’s everything else. Millions of players suddenly being told they can’t play just because they use pre-paid phones. Account merge not working for people coming from console. Player progression being bugged and not showing your stats (and locking heroes). Battle pass being incredibly stingy with free rewards (most f2p games give way more free rewards in the battle pass). Heroes having to actually be removed because they’re broken (Torb’s overload and Bastion’s ult). Incredibly low-effort cosmetics, especially the weapon charms (look at how they’re applied to Sigma).

Everything about this launch has gone poorly and people have legitimate reasons to be upset. This isn’t an indie company, they can and should do better.


It’s just not enough. The pricing is absurd. I feel robbed even looking at the store. I’m ok with supporting a game and spending money but these prices are atrocious. OW1 skins should be 1-5$ speciality skins maybe 7-10$ but if the prices don’t change in the coming weeks like they did for Halo infinite I’ll just go back to playing Halo / Dead by Daylight this game is too expensive to enjoy.