THAT is how you do an event


And its their own fault. Dota started off as a mode for their game. They were fully aware of its popularity, even made changes to custom map size specifically to cater to Dota and the people who played it. Yet they never made the move to turn it into a stand alone game and Valve stole that golden goose. And now when Heroes of the Storm was finally put to rest they basically gave up the MOBA dream.

Although Valve did fail with their card game while Hearthstone is still running strong so I guess they are kinda even.


I forgot about hearthstone. OK Blizzard has this to hold on to but Valve has CSGO and Dota2. These are 2 of the most competitive and popular esport scenes.
Overwatch had everything to be a big thing in esport but they F it up somehow.

You call it stolen. I just call it mismanaged by Blizzard. Valve is doing a great job with Dota btw.


I am sorry to say, but hearthstone is by far an even bigger failure in the e-sports world than Overwatch.


Most people here have no idea what you are talking about! “I want to have as fun as they had” what does that mean???! Do I have to do hours of research to understand what you are trying to talk about without you talking about it???


I recently discovered the existence of the League of Legends AU song Popstars by KDA (characters from League of Legends). In this song alone Blizzard already have a solid foundation for a truly memorable event. They could utilise Blizzard World to stage such an event (or maybe a Lucioball stadium). D.Va would be ideally suited to an Ahri fox styled skin.

Some of the pieces already exist - Blizzard just need to put them together.


P.S. If you haven’t seen the KDA Popstars video yet, I highly recommend seeking it out. I had a tiddy bit of a crisis when I first saw it. Holy moly! :heart_eyes:


lolol theyve had plenty of time to 1 address the issues there are in sr rating – comp mode and hero balancing and 2 plenty of time and ideas given to them from streamers and pro players for content and imnprovements they ignored because there was no other games around to challenge them untill now , and now theres 2 - fortnite and apex legends .