THAT is how you do an event


Recently a very popular game held an event (an actual event, not just a few skins and a new map for a game mode which most players aren’t interested in). I don’t play the game in question, but what I saw was fantastic. All the players involved seemed to be having massive amounts of fun. Unlike the unfortunate Overwatch players who are having all the fun drained out of the game by a developer who only cares about E sports. Games should be fun, and this game delivered it in spades.

You could learn a lot from this company, Blizzard.


Fatal Grief,

This is probably one of the most unhelpful threads created. Instead of masking said game for obvious forum code of conduct reasons, why don’t you actually supply feedback and/or ideas in which to give Blizzard ideas to improve the game for the community. That would be more helpful.

I am interested in hearing your ideas on how to create an “actual event”.

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which game? I hope not rtrded minecraft or fortnite


Whats the game and event? Kinda pointless in making this if your not going to post it.


You can mention game names the coc for advertisements states that you just cant add a link to it or say stuff like “don’t play X go play Y”, like 70% of the Diablo 3 forums was Path of exile after blizzcon.



Thanks for the heads up.

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Wasn’t it 90% ?:joy::rofl:

The original post is talking about Fortnite I believe. They did some concert with Marshmello I think.


Different genres though if it is Fortnite you are talking about ?

I want more content for Overwatch but I don’t mind waiting.

They have to fill Fortnite with lots of events otherwise that thing is a stale building sim.


At one point they asked for a Poe section in the diablo 3 forums.


Well, kids, back in the days of Ultima Online, we only got snow on the ground for the winter holiday season and we were bloody thankful for that!
Or, to be less obtuse, the good events actually always sprang from the player base, but it being more of a sandbox-y game, that was easier to facilitate.

Meanwhile DotA had some cosmetic garbage where you had to apparently pay for usable cosmetic items like fireworks or something - pretty sure I prefer some actual skins every 2 months, a new map every 3 (?) months and a new hero every 4 months. Even if I don’t care that much about skins, it’s still quite enough… unless you except that your 20€ up front gets you a vastly different game every week…


Not surprised immortal was a slap in the face !


Here that is somewhat pointless as the developers don’t visits the Eu forum, so it’s like we just speak amongst ourselves and it affects nothing.



So instead of at least trying, we go the complete opposite direction and create threads that just waste time? I don’t think so.
Im sure the devs do visit this forum from time to time, my opinion.

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No I would just say you would need to go to the US forum if you actually want the developers to see your ideas or concerns.



Well good job I use both forums isn’t it.

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Much goodness.

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The game I refer to begins with F, and belongs to the battle royale genre. Why do I need to supply “feedback and/or ideas”? The event speaks for itself, and is readily available to view. But if you insist, here’s my idea - I want to participate in events as fun as that was. I suggest Blizzard hold events like this. Happy now?


Everyone in the Dota esport scene is having fun. I don’t think you’re not allowed to mention other games.
From players, to the viewers and the panel members. Especially the panel members and production crew. They’re extremely relax.
I’ve always wondered why Overwatch chose to go with this fast moving highly USA prime TV like esport coverage. I guess cause it’s in the USA :smile:
But it’s really not appealing. Everything looks fake. The crowd looks fake. The panel looks fake. You get 10 minutes play and 15 minutes interruptions. It’s a pain to watch.


lol Overwatch wishes it has the competitive success Dota 2 has.


I’m sure it’s like their biggest dream. Blizzard has been trying to achieve a big esport presence for years. And Overwatch was their chance. But they messed it up.