The game won't start at all and it crashes my PC

This has been going on since yesterday afternoon. When I click play it just says initializing and then it says now playing without Overwatch 2 starting, it just stays in the player. Overwatch doesn’t even opet at all. Then I can’t do anything on my PC, literally I can’t do anything. Anything I click won’t load, then crashes and I have to forcefully shut down my PC. I’ve ran the diagnostics to check for corrupt files and it didn’t work, I’ve re-installed the game and it didn’t work and I’ve updated the game and it didn’t work. I don’t know what to do anymore.


I have same/similar issue.

Game takes around 2 minutes to launch from pressing the “Play” button in app, this started yesterday. I’ve ran all the diagnostics I can think of, uninstalled fresh programs, updated drivers and so on. For me the game doesn’t crash tho.

I checked the US forum and there is a similar thread with problems starting yesterday.

Same problem here. The game just won’t launch and freezes the PC

Same problem here. The game just won’t launch and restart my pc

Yep, it’s something weird. It’s frustrating as hell, too.

give it a try…
come back and tell if it did any good


I put a ticket in and got an answer that fixed the issue for me.

If you are using Bitdefender uninstall it, reboot PC and try launching game. For me removing Bitdefender solved the issue. Game starts like it should now without issues.

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I can’t open the task manager after pressing to open overwatch. I can’t even shut down the pc through software.

I tried it, it didn’t work

oh shame… would have been a possibility
i’ll think about it further
in the meantime you could post in the same thread as @rmeas002 to make the devs aware of it
one post in the us-bugforum could also be helpful

Hi Marjin, are you testing on us only, or did you face this issue before ?

not this issue specifically
but i’m trying to help by suggesting possible solutions to similar problems that have happened in the past

or where i think the problem might lie

every now and then i have success with it

I have Bitdefender. I had the same issues, but I was able to launch the game after turning off “Exploit Detection” in the “Advanced Threat Defense” settings.

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thanks for the try dear

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solved the problems for some users


Hi, this actually “solved” the problem for me Anyone else lock up launching OW2? - #20 by VivaLasVegan-1368 - Technical Support - Overwatch Forums

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