The Omnics Server : don't stay alone !


Greetings fellows gamer !

We are a bunch of friends building up a new discord server : The Omnics . For now, the Community is still small, and we would like to invite you to join our ranks. We play Overwatch and chat everyday and you will be warmly welcomed whatever your level in the game. We actually have members of every rank (from silver to Grand Master).

If you are looking for chill and friendly peoples to have fun and share some Overwatch with, ranked, QP or arcade, it may be the place for you. In order to keep the atmosphere mature, you may be at least 16+ to join.

We plans on organising events, custom games, mini-tournament as the community grows bigger.

Interested? Come say “Hello” ! h ttps:// (just reattach the “H” from HTTPS") Take a seat, a nice cup of tea, and enjoy your stay among us ! :smiley:

See you soon, space cowboy


We are still looking for more members to join! Come over and take a look at our server you won’t be disappointed.


let us know if you want to get in!