The problem with smurfs

I’m about 3.1k and the smurfing problem is worse than plat let me explain.
when you get into a game you see 3 level 30-50 going on widow crapping on your team non stop and there’s nothing you can do, i’m surprised that overwatch hasn’t done anything to help out lower tier players, but an idea that can be put into play is if the app detects another account on that get’s logged in they have to link it like steam, and then they check the ranks of the account and only places the smurf account where they are and if caught deranking then at least a suspension or ban thank you for taking in this consideration but they prob won’t give a crap about this and ignore a serious problem with a lot of players :slight_smile:

Lots of people had second accounts to play alternate roles without people complaining. The problem isn’t alt accounts, it’s deliberately depressing your SR so you can play lower than you should be. That is a problem endemic to the game’s skill rating calculation (it’s based on wins, not performance).

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