This event is recycled and Lucioball is awful

I’m sure a very large portion of people agree with what I’m about to say. I know the dev team work hard most events but this event feels like it lacks anything interesting.

I was looking forward to the event today and when I got home I bought some loot boxes to get the new skins, highlight intros and emotes. To find that there is less emotes and less skins than before. As well as that, very few new voicelines and next to no sprays (even if these aren’t the “wow-factor” of new events some people such as myself find them cute, funny or cool).

Not only was I upset about the abundance of new content, Lucioball is boring. The first year it was funny, and you could enjoy it because it was new content. Next year was the exact same game mode but it was justified because their was a competitive mode implemented and plenty of unlockables. This year we’ve got nothing but a reskin of the Lucio ball map. I played 3 games and was drained afterwards, I wasn’t having any fun whatsoever. I even heard the phrase “competitive is better than this”, and that’s something, considering it was from a player who dragged themselves through gold into high plat. The game mode is also still broken. I’ve had the same issues with shots that feel like they should of hit for the last 3 years, which shows that the team isn’t focusing on that hit reg.

Hopefully next year we’ll get a new event and I have a few ideas what can be done. It’s possible to do tennis, I’ve seen Genji’s deflecting bombs over Mercy’s beam, just create a map and have 4 Genji’s deflect a bigger tennis ball? Volleyball is an interesting suggestion too, Doomfist’s abilities replicate that of volleyball players (uppercut=serve, punch=spike, seismic slam can launch the ball up instead of towards the player). I find it upsetting that you’ve associated each hero with a sport but don’t see the potential of adding it into the game.

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