Thoughts on Junkrat?


I see he is picked quite a bit in OWL? At least over buff stats show he isn’t the least picked dps but then GOAT is a thing and I thought that would be perfect for him.

Anyway he has always been my go to DPS hero in qp since the release of this game but he seems like too much hard work for not much reward now days.

I can pick Ashe, Mcree, Widow, Hanzo, Baguette, Torb, Sym, Hammond and maybe a few others and for half the effort needed do the same and probably more damage/kills.


You need to Watch out for Zaryas once you play em.
I try’d him as well, Goats have a hard time dealing with tier but its a bit to easy to feed a Zarya with em. And at max charge she Deals 190-196(M1) dps add the Zen discord orb (+30% more damage) and things will get carry really fast with a wooping 247-252 dps. This is just some of the stuff goats torment you with.
Her M2 will do 94 (per hit not dps) with a close or a direct hit without any other damage modifiers. But since she fires 1 shot per second it might as well be dps.

Have to say that i love how goats is still the most pick’d comp in OWL. Gives me lots of hope that it will be hit with a real nerf soon.