TIP - Because someone has to say something

If you pick D.Va and lose… Don’t blame anyone else in your team.

You will have been the weak link, there is no doubt in that.

Play her all you want (you bought the game after all). Just know that whatever tanks the enemy picks, they will have a better duo.

Did a diva player hurt ur feelings?


Someone doesnt love d.va wow :frowning:


She’s not THAT bad atm. I’ve had a bunch of wins with one on the team, she is a weak link considering everyone is using Zarya etc, but think of the last almost 4 years where D.Va has needed a massive nerf and could literally fly around, destroy DPS and supports in under 2 seconds and charge an ult in 5. I think she’s in a better place than ever. This is what D.Va needed.

I like to use her vs reaper. When he gets real close my team can’t miss him and does nothing cause I dm him. At least last season I did so

I like D.Va. She used to be great fun.

But now she is just garbage. Even with the small buffs she got today, still by far the weakest tank.

the rumoured change to 1-3-2 role que can’t come fast enough. As it will move her, Hog and Zarya to damage. then tank noobs can’t pick her lol.

It’s very frustrating, I play only D.va as tank, and people sometimes say to report me for throwing, but I never throw I always play my best. It’s not against the rules to not switch hero, but people are toxic and fake reporting :frowning:


And you are activly working against the team

D.va isn’t bad. Peoples understanding of her kit and trying to use her as a Ball replacement in lower ranks however…