Today i played against a Sojourn using wallhacks

Here is the video, “Y3QZ30” you can load it in-game (import). The name to watch is Remilia playing Sojourn. he clear Symmetra turrets with no way of knowing the turrets are there + hes prolly using an aim assist hack or something, i reported him and hopefully they ban him.

hes not making it obvious but when i spectated the game i found out he have wall hacks he use his ult prior seeing us + clearing Symmetra turrets with no way of knowing the turrets are there, currently Gold 2 division

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@IPrevail , absolutely no doubt in any hack right now, because game is a new , new codes.

I’m normally not easily convinced when people call hacks, but this one seems to be pretty clear. There wasn’t a turret he pre-aimed and quite a few times he was aiming/shooting at enemies behind multiple walls.

The aim is so unnatural as well, it’s not full lock on or something, but it does look like some sort of aim assist. Some weird flicks at times as well.

Nice catch, I hope Blizzard will check this one and slam that banhammer.

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4th turret he cleared was behind the car, he shot at the car, before even seeing the turret was behind the car.

problem is report system seems like it doesnt work, i reported him and i didnt get a notification he got banned :confused:

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It might take a few days sometimes.

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