Too close to be done with this non-sence of matchmaking BS


Today was maybe the worst matchmaking that i ever experiensed…its just me or anybody else got 5x loses in row for enemy team cleary being always better. Even if i try carrying (i can) it isnt enough. Talking about QM, in competive i am use to that the only possible way to go up your rank is hard carrying ( rly sad in multi-player game). I was rly looking forward of the new 222 system but it failed me hard. Am i rly alone in this ?


Im done for Today too.


“non sence”

“rly alone”



5 losses in a row are nothing. If games are truly 50/50 it could happen, it wouldn’t even be that rare.


its not about the losses, its about the quality of match overall


You will be back, because this game’s addiction has you all very tight in its claws.


I am currently addicted to another game so boo hoo