Tracer is like, easier mode than Sombra

So since I hear some people say Sombra is ez mode and Tracer is high skill I tried both in some matches.

On Tracer I was on fire right in the first fight, despite not being a tracer main or anything. The dps felt extreme. I was really worried about the 175 HP thing but I never felt any pressure for some reason. Maybe just good team.

Tried Sombra too, and it seemed rather gimmicky. So I cannot burst dps like on Tracer but I can put Virus on someone… ok. But Virus is slow damage and I felt I was just giving their healers free ult. The escape teleport is silly because you have to TURN AROUND somewhere and THROW it and WAIT for it to trigger - and you are not even invisible right away after finally the teleport kicked in, but have to wait an ADDITIONAL delay, lmao!
During all of that time you get easily killed twice anywhere above metal ranks, while on Tracer you just hit insta-bailout on a single button. The difference is completely mindblowing, and I obviously mean that Sombra is the one much harder to manage here than Tracer.
I tried ambushing their Ana but that didn’t work out as I’d have to split up from my team and their Ana would have someone to assist her immediately or if her cds were up she’s rather tough and I would just lose if I eat a sleep. I think I could’ve probably ambushed a Zen just fine but they didn’t run one^^. I don’t see any successful ambush for supports other than Zen tbh. Could flank just to delete Illari pylon perhaps lol.
Well, when the enemy had a Widowmaker I thought I could shine but our Winston just decided to steal my job. Not sure the effort would’ve been worth it anyway as I’m pretty sure their Kiriko would’ve just ported in to nullify my presence.
Eventually in the match I just ended up perma-hacking the enemy tank as there was no other viable game route really. Felt pretty boring.

Sombra is really boring to play as it seems you have to stick to your team nowadays “thanks” to the new translocator. But you can (and it’s your main job apparently) hack tanks I guess. Side note: Hacking health packs felt not worth it, except for an occasional pack in rare circumstances. This was really different in the past.

Tracer is actually easier to play thanks to guaranteed insta-bailout, better mobility and more powerful than Sombra.
Also, Tracer felt much more exciting and fun to play, while Sombra just those clunky new transporter mechanics.

Fortunately I’m a flex player so I’ll stick with Tracer/Sojourn until things change again.

And to people who actually say “tracer is high skill and sombra is easy” - that sounds like some SEVERE copium lmao. It’s possible that tracer is sort of high skill, but then sombra is at least the same skill level, due to much harder bail-out despite having significantly less burst damage. Also Tracer will probably feed the enemy healers significantly less ult charge in relation to her contribution to her own team from what I noticed.

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I think it depends a lot on who your up against, both heroes have their used. Tracer is amazing against chunk heroes, whereas sombra is amazing against all heroes who are ability driven. Additionally sombra is generally harder to kill as yes she takes a second to teleport, but if you can see your getting low you can tp then, leaving it too late is up to player skill. Additionally once sombra escapes shes near impossible to find what with extra speed and invisibilty. Whereas tracer has an ability that once deplted means she has no escape. I think it definitly comes down to resource managment
sorry for wafflin idk if im making sense lmao

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Personally i think sombra is easier to kill as her movement is easier to predict. And sombra does less burst damage than tracer does, which also gives you more time to react to her.

Both are just as easy to me as a player, but sombra fits my playstyle better.