Ty blizzard agien i have stop playing ow becuse report agenst me becuse bastion


agien i am get nummber worning massage about player abusing system report agenst me simply becuse they dont like my selected heroe . god i am so frustatied in this communinty and that stupid report system just remove it it worthless.

why even put a class in game that you cant play becuse it that hated. wake up blizzard do something about it like remove report system so player just need respect other player selected heroes .

keep in mind most of this games was won becuse i played heroes i selected but that dont mean anything whenne player just keep report me with out reasons.

also unintalled game becuse i dont si point in playing whenne you keep suspeding player for no reason other then large amount of player report you . blizzard do you not tink maby just maby some wil report with out real having a reason for it ? it blow my mind how you tink that ok do no wander ure game dont have large player base anymore.