Unable to add required phone number to account


I have two accounts and two Overwatch licenses. Overwatch 2 requires me to add a phone number to my accounts, which is fine for me. The problem is, I can’t add a phone number to the account which I’m posting from because it’s already in use by my main account. See screenshot: https://imgur.com/oJjSMLU

You can’t possibly ask me to get two phone subscriptions right? I bought the license for this account through normal ways from Blizzard years ago, and now I can’t play it in OW2? Is this intended design?

Yea, you need 2 numbers.

Or you can remove it from one, and add it to the other when you want to swap accounts.

You can get a bundle of SIM cards for free from most phone shops in the UK if you just needed a number.

agreed its stupid. guess to stop cheats not smurfs. managed to use a neighbours lol-


I’ve just used my work phones.

A unique phone number can only be linked to one account at a time. This is intentional to discourage players from smurfing. As already mentioned, you will need an additional phone number if you intend to play Overwatch 2 from another account. Or simply link/unlink the number between both accounts.

I encourage every measure to counter smurfing but this solution is counter productive in a way because, allowing me to link the same number connects me to the same identity and thus easier for Blizzard to figure out this alt account is one and the same person. Further more, I wonder if this policy is even legal because like I said, I already owned this license for years.

I would fully understand if the policy applies to new (free) accounts, but to existing accounts is a bit odd to me.

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You think they would have put it in place if it wasn’t legal.

It is literally a requirement for so many things these days.

There is one solution you are totally free to use if you really don’t like it… Don’t do it and play something else.

I have a similar problem i cant change my phone number cos its an old phone number and blizzard just asks for a verification that i cant give cos it requires the number that i dont have anymore

Contact customer support and they will help you. As confirmed else where, this isn’t an Overwatch issue, it is a BattleNet issue.

Yeah but it only applies to certain games including overwatch 2

I can’t switch my phone number, because I don’t have access to an old phone number on the account, know anyway of solving this I have told blizzard but haven’t had anything back from them

I am having the same exact issue on another account, and contacting support has yielded no results been waiting a few days now.

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i cant even play overwatch 2 because everytime i try to add my phone it said i have to use a post-paid number and i have zero clue what that means

Exact same issue here. The premise of changing your number is that you won’t have access to the old one. Trying to suggest sending a code to the old one is completely stupid…