Underperforming Teamates!

I have played so many games of competitive in the past 24 hours only to lose almost 75% of my games, I am currently placed diamond 3 but was masters 5 but ever since I started playing I was placed with low plate and baptistes that refused to heal unless they had a mercy pocket. At the beginning of the season I won 5 games in a row and stayed the same rank and now my teammates have only got worse, I get the odd good one but they’re only out weighed by the bad. I’ve looked through my games and I’m not underperforming so please tell me why I’m winning 5 games in a row with no losses and staying the same rank aswell as now being placed with lower ranked teammates?

If you aren’t hard carrying. You shouldn’t be complaining about your teammates performances.

Hard carrying had nothing to do with it, if I and maybe 1 other teammate perform well and the rest are negative or haven’t got a lot of healing that’s what matters. Overwatch doesn’t involve hard carrying it’s a team game like a tank can’t function without heals neither can a dps and if a support gets dove the dps helps them and the tank makes space.

How does that sentence even make any sense?

So you think that you can’t complain about solo kamikaze Reinhardts, Healers that ignore their team, and throwing dps players that refuse to change to try to counter and bring value?
You can’t complain about these players unless you can carry the entire team?
Are you okay?


Complaining about them here or straight to them in the match isn’t going to change anything.

If you are in a match with them it means that your mmr is similar. So even if your game sense might be better, you are still similar in skill.

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Kamikaze is the only way to get value on rein now. Back him up or lose, your choice. Until they change rein, this will always been the case. Especially in low low ranks as those players tend not to deal well again high tempo aggressive play.

Supports please. Not healers.

The games will never be better I promise ,from Top 500 all the way down to silver.
The system determines a winner and a loser before the game even starts.
you will be put on a losing team exactly 50% of the time while playing.
which means half the time while playing you are infuriated by chat-gpt3 bots placed on your team, and the other half you ride the high of the artificial win streak they just placed in your path. I could play a low masters game on Doomfist and literally destroy the whole lobby, log out and into my plat account, and get people in all chat saying “report our trash tank plsss”. I could play on my Gm 2 Dps and lose all day and not derank, but let me hop on my mid plat account and hit a new peak / be on my 4th of 5 wins ,and be immediately met with a 10+ loss streak of unwinnable games .You want a rewarding competitive experience? This is not the game for you, this is the game you play if you want to slowly dissent into toxicity and delusion whilst earning a deceptive rank icon that means absolutely nothing.

The point is fixing the competitive system I had a Plat in Masters that makes no sense

Even so, if the matchmaker is working then the other team should have had a plat player as well, even if neither belonged in the match.

Was their game skill clearly that much worse, or do you know this only because they had a title?