Unexpected Server Error

Since the update yesterday evening I have been unable to connect to the Overwatch Servers (I’m from France). I was told by the game that a new version of Overwatch was available, so I closed the game and updated it. Since then I have been unable to connect to the servers (While “Entering Game”, I get a “Unexpected Server Error Occurred”).

It is not hardware related. Using my pc, my friend was able to log into his blizzard account and connect to Overwatch servers. So it’s definitely a problem with my blizzard account.

Does anybody know the reason behind this and how to fix it?

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having the same issue my main account has this problem my other accounts work without any problems. maybe its authenticator related since my main account is the only account with an authenticator on it.

ive got the same problem ive tried to get into the game from two different computers and it hasnt worked

Hi, I’m from Serbia and I have the same problem, after last night’s update I can’t enter the game anymore

Hello there,

Thanks for the reports everyone!

We’ve identified an issue affecting a small number of specific account and are working on a fix. More info here:

The latest update is that a majority of accounts have been healed up already so definitely give it a try when you get a chance. If anyone is still seeing the error just hang tight and check back again from time to time.

Thanks again for the help bringing the issue to our attention and for your patience while we work on the resolution!

I am from Saudi Arabia and I have encountered the same problem, Error display as UNEXPECTED ERROR.

Same thing has been preventing me from logging for at least the past 3 days. I’m in Finland. I’ve tried rebooting router; switching regions etc.

hi i still cant log into Overwatch, have been so for 2 days now, i really wanna play your game mates

same 3rd day trying to log on aswell :slight_smile: resume nobody has a solution around this

I also got that error today in a comp game. the game is cancelled and I got banned pls I want my SR back I was so happy that I reached the next rank. (This is the replay code if you want to check: 14NXEX )

Is anyone still getting an Unexpected Server Error?
I’m missing out on the Haloween event :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: