Uninstalled because of Globalisation update causing 300 ping competitive games

As title.

Totally untenable and unplayable.


I cannot play a modern FPS with 300 ping. Impossible. Certainly not “competitively”.

Revert this non-sensical update immediately.

I’d personally rather wait 30 mins for a game with sub 100 ping that get chucked into a game with Koreans and have 300 ping after waiting 5 minutes.


Enjoy your increased free disk space.

Greetings @Trollblack,have you Considered to change your internet and get better box packet, I mean no offense but time when we pleyd games on 200 /Kbs has gone long time ago. I have atm 250Mb/60 upload 30e price in my country no lag no freezing, everything work perfect. I wish you all the best in the future. It was my pleasure to share this answer with you.

I jumped back on tonight just to see if anything had changed.

First COMPETITIVE game, 300 ping due to Koreans in the game.

Utterly unplayable, as a tank main.


Won’t be buying OW2 if this is what Blizzard thinks is good for the game.

I’d rather wait 45 mins in a queue for a match and get one with a decent ping, that wait 5-10 mins and get one with an unplayable ping. Get that through your thick heads please Blizzard.

I don’t want to play with Asians, stop putting in them in my games.

Firstly. That does sound like it is edging towards racism lol.

Secondly, where are you playing from?

nobody plays internet games with ping of 300… I hope this is something on your end, because otherwise it will be the final nail in OW coffin…

Exactly. The whole point of globalisation is you are never in high ping games, unless you have issues your end.

Keen to find out where the dude is playing from. Or if they are grouping with people.

(The anti Asian part of his post is unnecessary though)

first you have to realize that this game has dedicated servers not peer to peer servers .other people ping is not going to effect you . whatever is happening ,is happening on your side .

yep its either he is grouping with somebody from other continent or he is trying to circumvent region restriction by using a vpn or else he is using a potato internet service.

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