Voice chat isn't working please help


I play on console and I can join the voice chat/ group chat just fine. But after 30-45 seconds the people that are talking will cut out. And I won’t be able to hear anybody. Not even myself. At some point If im in a party it will send me back to party chat. It’s very frustrating and I’ve done all I can do to try and fix it, I changed my setting to auto join I’ve turned voice chat all the way up and still it dosen’t work. I love the game with a passion so please if you can try to help me. (I already posted this on the technical support page but I generally don’t want this to become unnoticed.)


Hello SwankyPants,

Could you please try resetting any button mapping you might have to its default settings? Additionally, unplug or turn off any additional controls connected to your console (if you have any).

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