What are the criteria to rank up nowadays anyway?

Dear Blizzard
I have been an avid Overwatch player since the beta. I have played every single season, and my peak is 3758 or so. I absolutely love the game, and have done so since 2016.

I am by no means an amazing player or alike, and I am definitely not saying I belong in x rank, I am however extremely confused about what I’m supposed to be doing to rank up and actually stay motivated to play.

I just finished my 5 wins as support. I stay plat 4, and continue playing. I go 5W/2L, a pretty decent winrate imo, and surprise, I still stay plat 4.
Even if blizzard tells us, that the rank adjustment is determined by performance, I call BS on it. How are they even supposed to calculate your performance as a healer? Some games I will heal 25k on LW, sometimes I’ll heal 8k in the same time. Does that say anything about my performance, or does it just say something about the dmg output of the enemy team? In some games, your dps are going to absolutely destroy the enemy team, which means you won’t be healing anything, yet you might get more dmg in. Is this a good performance, or a bad performance? Alternatively you’ll be the payload bot who just pushes the entire game, while your team has fun. Good or bad performance?

As much as I love Overwatch 2, I simply don’t understand what I’m supposed to do to rank up anymore, because currently, I only ever see myself ranking up when I go 5W/0L.
Then again, I also don’t understand how we’re supposed to continue being motivated to play this game competitively, when it seems like the requirements for ranking up are unrealistic. Less than 90% winrate = remain rank, less than 50%, rank down.
Oh and not to mention, all that work you put into ranking up last season? Yeah welcome to the new season, let’s start it out with bumping you down 5 ranks for no reason?
When OW2 launched, I immediately got bumped from Diamond to Silver 4.
“But your MMR must be garbage then”. I reached diamond in 2017, the following season, I reached masters and remained there a few seasons until I stopped having OW as my main game. I only dipped below diamond ONCE since 2017, and immediately won a game and got back to diamond again.
I really want to get back up the ladder again, but after winning 30 matches (not in a row, but total this season), I literally remain the rank I started out in, and I have had 2 “5W/0L” rank adjustments, where it didn’t move either.
At this point I’m completely demotivated to even try, because even when we win, even when we smack the enemy team hard, there is zero reward.

So dear Blizzard, please indulge me. What are we supposed to do to rank up and not sit at the same rank? At this point I’d almost take a rank demotion over remaining the same rank, because this literally feels like it didn’t even register that I played.

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I also call BS on this. Blizzard openly admitted that what they claimed, is essentially a lie on the below comms, that performance cannot be calculated.

A few people have reported on these forums the problem with matchmaking/ranking up. I personally feel that they hidden the ranks, the SR, and all that comes with it, to conceal the bugs they generated when building OW2.

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