What is this attitude?

Hello all overwatch players hope you are having a great time in game just as I am :slight_smile:
Having said that i am confused about some players in this game though…
I have games were people leave after dying once and I repeat only ONCE!
But if some people win then they are shouting their bravado of the rooftops…things like “easy” and even that’s to kind for them because what they really typ is just this “ez” because most people are to lazy to typ these days.

So yeah can anyone explain this is this just human behaviour for ya? because they confuse the s*** out of me…

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People seemingly have a lot of problems or issues and in the game, they are free to express themselves as they see fit, so symptoms of their malaise are sometimes evident.

Attention seekers will spam the chat, the voip, the in built voice commands etc. Shy people will leave the voice chat, not talk in the match chat, etc.

Those people who suck and are generally bad, tend to self-reinforce by making lame insults at the other team to make themselves feel better. It’s always the worst player in the entire match (almost reliably) that feels the need to say “ez” when they somehow manage to scrape a win in overtime. Good players let their performance speak for itself.

I’m now an old man, all of this sort of behaviour is laughable and passe to me. I’m always in the voip and will talk to anyone, even the trolls, I have nothing to fear. My profile is public, I have nothing to hide.

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Well first blizz mm is crap thats why ppl leave. Second typing EZ isnt an insult. If you are ofended by someone typing ez, well get of the internet.

Not sure what’s worse…

Thinking gg ez is offensive in any way.
Thinking the match maker is at fault for anything.

I also do not know what is worse…
1: the fact that people accepting gg ez as actual langauge or 2: that this bravado has become so normal nobody of these gamers/childeren care anymore.

I mean its not that big of a deal but people are becoming more uncivilized with each passing generation.