When is Halloween event


When is Halloween event and when he be finish?


Probably from next Tuesday until the end of this month, or seeing as it’s starting later beginning of next month


Makes me sad we need to wait stupid switch. They missed last 3 events, hell they could miss beginning of this one and then just have extended date.


Next tuesday sounds like the way to go. Overlapping a bit with Blizzcon but thats ok.


i doubt the event will even happen , due to having hong kong crisis and the game going onto switch. i don’t see how blizzard is going to put the event up and running as well, unless they mess every thing that is just like they always do.


I dont see how the Hongkong situation would affect the Event, but Jeff said a few months ago prior to the summer event that they would make some changes and things come at different times, it might not drop before the 31st. Besides the Hongkong deal is at an executive level not developer level, so not even the same people on both tasks, most likely that is.


I hope it will be soon. Can’t wait for new skins <3


The game just got a background Patch download on 7gb, so it’ll happen pretty soon.


its almost a certain thing that it happens on Tuesday but some info on skins aught to come out super soon… especially since blizzard probably desperately hope to distract people from the hong kong debacle.