When Will Blizzard Implement A Proper Anticheat System?

Just finished playing a game against an obvious cheater (Hanzo/Widowmaker). He didn’t even try to hide it. Every kill cam proved it. Looking at the replay after the game made it even easier. This is a fresh account and the guy obviously did not care about any of that. Looks like there’s not enough deterrence.

Blizzard, are you trying to turn this game into CS/COD with a weak code that can be easily manipulated?


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I feel your frustration but did you see Overwatch code ? I doubt you did so
why do you asume it’s weak?

Every develloper and I mean every one of them HATES cheaters and will do everything to prevent cheaters.
Can you imagine making a game? …the time a team spends to actually make it?
it’s a huge effort…so when you have a finished product and there are some cheating weasels that break your teams work…

The the only thing Blizzard can do is to track how they did it and update their protection.

We can try to help them out by always reporting the cheaters

Fighting cheaters is like a cat-and-mouse game.

They find a way to detect the cheat, a ban wave happens, and then a new cheat that slips through is released.
…more or less.

One thing I’d like to see though is that people that group up with cheaters are also punished is some way.
All SR gains removed to prevent boosting for example.

@Noobassaurus sorry pal I don’t speak hood language and therefore cannot understand what you’re trying to say. If you think you’re capable of constructing a proper sentence in English I’ll be happy to have a discussion with you.

@XsTemplar I see your point, man, and I got a lot of respect to the people who are smart enough to make this thing happen. However, how difficult is it for tech giant Blizzard to 1) sue those websites selling cheats (just Google it and see how easy it is), and 2) acquire those cheats and fix it? We’ve never seen them publicly announce how they deal with cheats or cheaters. Valve used to do that, and their games were plagued at the time. The guys developing this game are not to blame, it’s their bosses who don’t do enough to ensure they have the means to fight this problem. Overwatch is slowly becoming CS/COD with more and more cheaters showing up and ruining our experience, and what do we get in return? “Overwatch 2”. Who cares about that.

@VurrChachino I agree, but are they doing enough? It’s like the police chasing heroin dealers. They might not be able to make users stop consuming heroin, but they can make the dealers run away.
What you proposed has already happened in many other games and I’m sure that deterred some people because they realized it’s not worth it. I don’t think it’s happening in Overwatch; if it is, Blizzard should come forth an announce what they’re doing in favor of the honest players who paid good money for this game and want a decent experience.

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