Why am I not improving my score?

Hello. Can someone help me understand what’s going on with my score? I have dropped all the way down to bronze 5 from gold 3 in support, despite winning 5 matches and only losing 2. My healing is good and my teammates endorse me. Why has my score just dropped all the way to the bottom?
Thanks for any advice or suggestions.

Are you talking about endorsments or rank?
Endorsments don’t have anything to do with rank.

It is weird that you say you drop with only 2 losses, did you go down that far in just one set?

If it was only one set, then there’s definitely something wrong. If it’s taken several sets with more than 5 losses each then the scoring system is working as it should.

You can get several more losses than wins for a set. If you get 5 and 5, you shouldn’t move much. With a 5 and 10, you could fall an entire division in one set.

Without seeing your profile, or you screen sharing to show how many people you’re higher than (the % it shows) it is hard to tell.

Most logical is that you were VERY low. Bronze 5 is the biggest division in terms of what we used to see as SR. It’s 1000, so if you were right at the bottom it’ll take A LOT of wins to get out. Could be up to 40, but probably not that many in reality.

As for how your game play is, that would need to be reviewed.

Is there anything more to this than you’re letting on, or did you literally win 5/lose 2, and drop from Gold 3 to Bronze 5?

If your wording was right, then that is highly sus. If this is the case, maybe report it on the technical forum?

I think there is something wrong. I’ve just played through again and no score improvement…this is the fourth time now. Again, only 2 losses to 5 wins and no improvement. I’ve got a photo of I can figure out how to attach it.
I’ll refer it to the tech team but the support systems seem to want little to do with competitive scores.

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That’s all you can do if you think there’s an issue. Hopefully they will investigate and respond, or they could just do what they did last time and only announce such an issue existed once they’d patched it.