Why Cant Tracer Blink Vertically


She did it in the first cinematic to chase Widow and Reaper. I think that would be a pretty cool addition.


Hold on, she isn’t blinking vertically, she is jumping. When she blinks, she basically skip time. She still need to run to that position though. When she blinks vertically, she just jumps up.

Hmm… If the jumps mid-blink, though, she would bundle up enough kinetic energy to jump higher because the force is more concentrated.

Besides, her lacking vertical mobility is actually a very good drawback for her ridiculously high horizontal mobility.


Go back and watch the video, did she not blink vertically? She did it a few times. Go back and look at it.


I looked it up and corrected myself:

But disregarding the lore issue, she still doesn’t need it. Her lacking vertical mobility balances out her high horizontal mobility.


She is op enough already, not needed


Would love it, but would break her out.
Our British pilot-star seems to be pretty solid with the upcoming armor nerfes rewarding good aim again.


no buffs for this broken c4ncer hero pls.
delete tracer from the game.


She isn’t broken !XD


Lers give her the ability to stop time also


People assume that she is broken because she is a mobile glass cannon.

Under the hands of a professional player, she can be a deadly opponent.


Yeah I agree which is why I like her. I mean if you get caught sleeping you are gone as Tracer.


She should also have the ability to blink downwards. If a blink then leaves her stuck in a wall or the ground, she should take damage and should be immobile until she blinks or recalls out again.


because the most powerful, annoying, unkillable hero in the game doesn’t need the ability to fly aswell…


Would make her a must main character for anyone playing the game.


What about ashes push back(Coach gun)? How when you are shotting the shot in the air it pushes you upwords, towards the “recoil” that needs to push her. For tracer at lest it looks ok, this on ashe is kinda messed up. You cant shoot upwords to push yourself to the ground faster.


asking for realism in a game about scientist gorillas and mech driving hamsters?


I know how blizzard do things. But it still feels off.
Like i can see why Mais freez doesn’t stop ashes fire dmg and im ok with that.
But this just feels off on blizzard polishing part.(coach gun)