Why does the whole team LOSE SR when someone leaves?

How does this make sense in a comp setting? Why do you have to punish 5 players because one person leave or gets DC how is this fair?? The person leaving loses 50sr+ and gets banned depending how many matches they have left. That should be all the punishment that is done.

cuz if there was so sr loss, then people would abuse it


You still lost the match though. Yeah its annoying, but you lose the match you lose SR.

I’ve had 5 people leave and lose a 1 v 6… still lost SR. Just the way the cookie crumbles.

Just need to stop worrying about SR loss/gains in single matches and focus on a bigger time frame.

If you are losing SR over a whole week… then something is worth “worrying” about.

Everyone should watch and take note. Stop worrying about your SR!