Why i dont rank up when i win 5 and lose 1 game

Hey Blizzard why i dont rank up i Been winning like 5w-2L and just today i got 5w-1L and stay same rank but when i have diamond - Grandmaster lobbys i still rank down If i lose its not make any sense, and my rank is plat.

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It is confusing at first but so far as i understand (to my current basic knowledge):

Since Blizz tied the Comp-Rank harder to the hidden MMR and less to the Wins/Loss in Comp-Matches the Win/Loss Ratio has less (or even none) impact on your Rank anymore then it had before.

Before you had the SR (OW1 Term for Comp Points) behind the Rank that you would get or lose at with a minimum fixed amount of SR (i think it was +15 for a win and -15 for a loss).
(Not talking of additional gains for Match Performance, that is a complete other bag)

Now it seems the fixed amount for wins has gone and you can have for example a 5:0 and dont move at all because you performed the same overall and your MMR did not change because MMR does not care about Win/Loss.

I see one good thing in this tho:
If it works, you wont get put into Ranks you should not be in by being lucky / unlucky
… IF IT WORKS is the Point there !

Thats as far as i know (understand) the current Comp-Rank Metrics, i welcome everyone to correct me on some of those things if i messed up.

GL & HF Gamerz!