Why the F isn't Genji buffed?

Ok, Blizzards reason for nerfing genji was due to the dps passive that made him faster and just more annoying. The REMOVED the dps passive and my shurikens STILL FKN TICKLES THE ENEMY???

We have a very obvious hitscan meta in the higher ranks and since u clearly don’t want to nerf ur heroes ( that are not genji ) having a counter against them would be really healty for the meta and the players. BUT NO, Genji in his current state can NOT be called a counter against hitscans in higher elo.

If you don’t fix this I am going to name my self TheTickleMaster69 :rage: :imp:

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fr dude only spitting facts


They said recently that certain heroes, if buffed to be good in the highest ranks, essentially kill the fun of the game for others. So that is why the are very cautious about it.

Same reason Sombra got slammed into the ground and hasn’t seen much since. Same with Doom, and Ball.

High skill ceiling heroes that lower ranked players find “unfun” to play against.

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A good genji can still delete a dps or a healer in just 2 seconds. I’ve experienced this myself so maybe you just need practise.

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That’s kind of funny, remind me of your rank again?

Silver 4. Only need to know what you’re doing. (That said i did bully a genji into leaving a comp game the day before while playing Mercy. So both extremes exist)

They dont buff him cus he can just left click and dash a 200hp hero to get a kill.

are you kidding? a good genji player is a literal nightmare for any team. he doesn’t need a buff.

nerf genji