Why was Brig's E unchanged?


It’s too much healing for an INSTANT ability.


thats not the problem,the problem is she heals hear self too much,thats why she apperas unkilable


Because that wasn’t the problem.


Because it’s on a long cooldown, and unless she can smack an enemy hero it’s her only means of healing her team.


Have you seen the video from kragie him using a whole hog and still not able to kill the brig?


No,but I still stand by my point that she heals herself too much and whole hog is pretty underpowered curently so no wonder why she didnt die


I’d argue that whole hog is not underpowered. It charges pretty fast, but is kinda situational.
Still a good ult tho


Anas nade heal for 100 and can heal your entire team at the same time. And you think Brigs heal is OP???


I don’t find it broken as much as I find it stupid to watch an entire hero’s health instantly refilled.
Even rez, while obnoxious, isn’t instantaneous.