Workshop posting guidelines

Welcome to the Workshop ! We’re looking forward to working with you to create new and exciting gameplay for Overwatch.

Developer Update | The Workshop | Overwatch

Feel free to post codes for your creations or share ideas with us about the future direction of this feature.

If you’re having issues with your script or have noticed bugs that you need help from devs or the community to resolve, please follow these guidelines before posting:

  • Make sure to read our blog post. There’s a lot of information in there to get you started, including two tutorials and a Tips and Tricks section.
  • Check out the detail text in the editor. Actions, Values, and Inputs all have detail text to help you understand how things work. On PC, you can mouse-over items to read these descriptions. On console, they will show up if you choose “Show Details”.
  • Experiment with the Workshop Examples in the Custom Game Presets . We’ve made eight examples of increasing complexity to help you try out and understand the feature.
  • Make use of Workshop Inspector. This in-game tool will help show you what your script did and why. You can find it in the Escape menu or bind a button to it for easier access.
  • Browse these forums to see if your issue has already been addressed. No point in asking something that’s already been answered!
  • Test, test, test! Scripting complex gameplay can take a lot of work, so be patient and keep digging in.

If you’re still having trouble, please share a code to your script so that devs and other community members have a chance to take a look and help you out. You can do this from the Custom Game Settings menu by choosing the share button in the upper right.

Have fun!