Worst Ranking System ever seen

Been playing a lot of games, overwatch is not the only one so far, however the worst mmr system for sure, past 10 games got 8 of those games all allys were like silver or gold however team on another side all got titled “diamond challenger” ? hello? i understand the system will give you those trolling teammates or someone throwing the game but hello? Blizzard? check your ranking team system please please please how would you reckon ppl silver or gold are able to win a game from 5 diamonds? or when I solo ranking I can tell the team on another side was like 4ppl duo and double checked wif them that’s for sure, and our team all like random quickgame style players, I mean we do able to win 1 or 2 games of 20games but what’s the point? hope Blizzard could update the mmr a little bit at least let us can play a fair game.

You can be Diamond in one role and gold in another. Not sure that “challenger” tag actually means anything.

I’m not one to poke around for the team rankings per game, but since this post I have.
I’ve observed countless times, the tank or dps being Silver5/4/3/2 for instance while I am Plat2 in healing. This leads to some extremely lopsided games.

It’s suprising that they never picked this misalignment of ranks in development given this is one of the key factors they have to get right. They have posted that they will be reviewing MM.

Back in the OW1 days, you would rarely ever see this occur unless someone was grouped with a silver (say if you was in plat), even then, their groupie would be high plat/diamond to make up the difference, instead we get no balance.

It’s really sad that it has taken them this long to see the blindingly obvious.

That is misleading. How many games have they played this season, have they climbed to that rank or are they just starting out and thats their starting rank.

The second is more likely, and that their MMR is the same as yours. Around the gold/plat window.

Maybe to you it might be misleading.

To myself and creator of this thread its obvious that those players are not skilled enough to play in those lobbies.

Eitherway, its more information for the devs to review should they want to.

No it is generally just misleading. You probably didn’t do it deliberately, but you are misrepresenting the data. If you check how many games they’ve played on that role this season, you can then start to place a better picture.

If they’ve played hours, then you are right, something was a bit smelly there.

If they’ve not played much, then you are very wrong and the match maker was working as intended.

I doubt you could tell a players skill level off 1 single match.

It was a mixture of a few matches to many tbf.

I could see enough from their basic levels of play that they were not just having a bad day, they were literally clueless, or they have extremely slow reactions, and a very bad ability to aim. After I checked the public profiles (they should all be tbf) and then saw their level of play/involvement over the game, it more than often matched to their considerably low rank.

You can think that I am wrong, but you have no evidence to state that I am very wrong.

I seriously think that this is not working as intended, and given the latest dev blog it is no where near where they want it to be. Looks to me that they never even looked into matchmaking into any depth following the new 5v5 layout.

http s://overwatch.blizzard.com/en-gb/news/23896785/

You need to provide profiles or at least say how many hours they’ve played on that role and maybe see how many wins they’ve had. Otherwise you are completely misleading people with this tale.

Yes, I have read that dev blog. But what they are talking about isn’t what you are trying to show off as a problem.

What you’ve done is looked at a profile and made a judgement based on your perception that they’ve had a bad game.

The dev post is about the matchmaker going for slightly shorter queues, sometimes at the expense of quality. Something you won’t have experienced unless you are at the highest levels, as the queues aren’t an issue lower down.


Here is a quote detailing on how they’re looking to remodel the MM:

“We’ve got changes coming to the game over the next few months which will dramatically reduce these disparities. We’ll try to find pairs of similarly rated players in each role when making a match. For support and damage roles, which have two slots, each player will be paired with one player on the opposite team. There will still sometimes be matches with a large range of differently skilled players, but in these cases, the two teams will be more like mirror images of each other.”

This is explaining what believe I am seeing in MM right now. Disparities, or in my words, lopsided games. The devs are pointing out the issue that I am pointing out here in that very post I linked. I really do not see how I am misleading people, when this is the exact thing that the devs are looking to resolve/improve.

That I cannot do. I cannot name/signal out players. I am only providing my opinion from what I’ve seen over the past few days which is very much the same as OPs - likely the reason for the Devs detailing this in their latest post/update to the community.

Nope as I stated above (quoted below), in my opinion, it was not just a bad game, but a bad player:

I suggest you re-read the dev post for the part I have quoted.