Wtf is this toxicity?


I thought women are exaggerating about how toxic people are to them. So I decided to change my battletag to this, Julia and used a soundboard in-game and it’s amazing just how toxic people are towards people presumed to be women.


Maybe its because you used a soundboard. Its not that hard to spot one.


Most of the games it was just the “hello” from it that was required, I doubt they can spot it from just that when the game just started and everyone is saying hello on voice.


you would be surprised, people can pick up on the “uncanny valley” pretty damn quickly…

all in all overwatch is just a supremely toxic game, ive recently moved from OW to WoW classic, and the difference in player mentality is jaw dropping…


If someone used the hello from that on me when everyone is saying hello when you just join and I didn’t know about this one, I would think it’s real.


and I would know something was fishy about it, the way it says “hello”, is robotic, there is no inflection, no emotion, it sounds generic, people don’t talk that way especially when first joining something


You can’t compare WoW classic to Overwatch. Overwatch is a Competitive first person shooter. Wow is a MMORPG.


the difference in game type is no reason for people to go from pleasant to ultra-c4ncer…

WoW can be very competitive, especially in PvP…

but if you want a comparison game, Tf2 which is the original “competitive hero shooter” is just as pleasant as WoW classic… so… yeah, OW is just Chernobyl at this point


Internet: where men are men, women are men and children are FBI agents :crazy_face:


Most modern FPS games are toxic just mute and move on


thats why i dont enter chat voice. then i am insulted for not speaking on voice chat . Then when i enter the boys say " oh you are a girl now i understand everything" as like " of course we are losing we have a girl on the team" … then they proceed to throw.
I had a game where we had a girl that was dva, and she was pretty good for plat, and she made calls on the chat. What our genji did? going on voice chat and say " I DONT PALY WITH GIRLS" and stayed afk jumping on the respawn the 2 matches.
PD: his voice was like a 25 years old guy.


personally i totally dont get why people are sexist…

there is a sexual dismorphism which technically speaking is a factor as women do have slightly lower reaction time then men… but that’s very minor and then you may as well hate on people for not having high refresh rate monitors.

your likely to get a fairly random spread of reaction times either way and the match maker should be taking that into account anyway so thinks more or less match up anyway.

personally i think its awesome when there a girl in a game in voice chat especially if they have a plesant voice.

Psychologically speaking i’ve heard there is good reaserch to suggest male respond well to female voices and pay attention to them so a shoot calling girl can get the attention pretty well… assuming her team mates aren’t all sexist jerks…
this is why messages in military hardware and civilian hardware is usually voiced by female voices.

that’s why we have cortana, Alexa for instance…


Of course the players are toxic.

It’s a very fast paced competitive game with almost zero downtime where you have to rely on your team a lot.
Obviously the first thing people will go for when they deflect/find excuses for their poor performance is to blame their team.

It can be hard to admit that their McCree is landing more of his shots than you so… Why not claim that you’re not getting any heals whilst theirs is getting ALL the heals? It’s easier on the ego!

As for being harassed more for being a woman… I don’t doubt for a second that there are boys out there trying to get the attention of a girl by being mean to them. It’s what a lot of boys do.
I also think it’s true that a lot of the time you’re not being harassed because you’re a woman, but that’s what they’ll attack when they harass you.

When two people are verbally-fighting they will try and find out what’s different about the other person and then attack those differences in a hope that they’re insecure them … or find an easily triggered button.


What do you mean exactly with toxic?
We live in crazy times. Holding the door open for a woman is considered sexist for some people.


That actually sounds fake as hell. There’s practically no kind of emotion, and it sounds like the voice actress is reading straight off a script


A man using a soundboard still acts and reacts like a man.
They didn’t think you were a woman, they thought you were a little boy.
Because you probably sounded like an annoying little kid.

And why do you have to be a white knight defending women?
You don’t think women can’t stand up for themselves?
Stop making up stories.
I have spend 2900 hrs in this game and i think i have only seen one guy harrassing a girl.
More like an akward flirt from another attention seeking boy :smiley:
She told him to f off. The rest of the team told him to f off too.
And that was that.
She didn’t feint, or cry or needed any help from a manclam to tell the guy off.


What ranking are you in? At least for me, when there is a woman on the team the dynamic does not shift at all. It feels the same as if it were a guy. Nobody thinks “Oh we’re gonna lose” if a girl joins comms. Imo, the toxicity is evenly spread based on your mistakes (or their mistakes they like to use to blame your team with) or it is some 12 year old just trolling. It all just depends on how good you are.


Thousands of hours and I can confirm that in not a single game I’ve played a woman was harassed because she is a woman. All these threads do is try to stoke the fire of…nothing really


I rightly cant say that i if that is so or not.

i’ve not clearly run across a woman being harassed for being a woman either…
that said i have run across people doing anti-semetic slurs and racist comments…

so i would be supriced if those people would not be sexist as well or at least some of them.

but luckily so far i cant think of any such case…

Also harassment can be an issue of perception… what one person perceives as harassment another person can perceive as s¤#ttalking…

I mean for instance i don’t think t-bagging is harassment even if i don’t myself practice this i see its tactical value if applied in a cold calculating way and never when you yourself do not receive more benefit then negatives from its use…

i.e Sith t-baging

but many people just straight out see that as abuse and not as a head game feature of the game…

It’s not a clear cut issue defining what is and is not harassment…

Personal experience is not necessarily the entirety of what defines reality… so any one players personal experience may not be enough to really get a scope of the problem.


CS 1.6 is 4 years older than TF2 and was about 20 times more competitive. People in 1.6 were as toxic as OW players, and that has carried into the newer CS titles. The fact that you cant spec players in OW and players can never really be expected to 1vX makes it slightly less toxic, but this is balanced by how uncarryable OW is compared to CS, so if you get an unfortunate team, youre buggered, especially if youre on sup or MT.