Your game crashes and i receive suspesion

Your game crashes and i receive suspesion.
Blizzard, please. You’re suspension system is crap. You even have an error message telling me it crashed… so send a msg to your server that the client crashed instead of suspending the customer and not allowing the user to rejoin… Have hade so much problems with this friggin suspension bollocks in this game it’s insane… come the f on… This is not a newly released game…

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hey idk it this happens to you to but i get disconnected and after

My overwatch is always showing the two plugs disconecting there is nothing wrong with my internet and i get kicked out of games alot because of it, please help

i went to play competitive and i qued and then the game joined me one but did not put me in the game and i can see the chat and not in the game or do anything and it said failed to connect to server and it counted as a leave but i didnt even leave the game it self didnt put me in the game and now im suspended 20hours and i didnt even leave like whats wrong it said failed to connect server and i got suspended really>? i didnt leave or was afk i waited for the que for 20m please bring my sr back and remove the suspended as i didnt do anything it was from u guys