Your games not working correctly? Then don't play comp


FYI, get educated a bit before trashtalking.


I know I’ll never change your mind, nobody on the internet change their minds, but lets make this a cautionary tale for everyone who wants to think like you do.

Overbuff before private profiles could bring up plenty of information. Thing is this information was not even accurate because it took into account the stats of the hero you played the most during a game. Meaning that if you picked a single hero and played through the whole game with it your stats will be somewhat accurate. What wont be accurate is the average, a one trick will always have higher stats than someone who switches a lot because the stats overbuff took were always from a single hero per game. So looking at overbuff stats and assuming you are better than your rank = wrong.

Next, Blizzard takes into account the time played for each hero, not a single hero per game, I don’t know how its calculated, on per minute basis perhaps, and compares them to the stats of people who play the same hero at around your SR. Once again, the key part here is AROUND YOUR SR. So suppose this API takes all the stats from every player from every skill level and averages them. Then what? I can pick up Roadhog and get more kills, land more hooks and be on fire for longer than a GM Roadhog could. Does this mean I play the character at a rank lower than I deserve because I got higher than the whole average stats of every Roadhog player? No, I don’t play against people who are higher rank than me unless they are in a group(or smurfs) and this system has no way to predict that I can keep the same stats while playing against them. A gold player assuming that they are in fact diamond means that they also assume that they’ll perform in diamond the same way they’ll perform in gold which is ridiculous. Its not possible to get the same stats playing against people 2 tiers above you, I don’t need to explain to you why. The platform might think that you should be climbing but thats not even a certainty because some heroes by their nature perform better and farm better stats at lower ranks. A lower ranked Moira will have insane stats by the nature of the hero, not because the player is better than average at playing her.

Lets once again repeat the most important thing in this: It is completely impossible for any third party API, even Blizzard’s own matchmaker, to assume that you should be playing in a rank it has no data about. It cannot possibly know how you would perform against diamond players, its not some advanced AI that can analyze your gameplay, compare it to diamond gameplay and come up with an educated guess. Its a simple stat table, which labels your stats above average without any sort of context behind it.


Yeh those level 10s that were born with genji skills superior to a level 1000. lol just lol


They can be, easily. Reporting someone because you think they have another account is rather pathetic and shouldn’t be allowed.


Feel free to try stopping me.


Going round in circleshere, see my earlier post about what is pathetic, it seems you have forgotton already.
I will continue to report smurfs that are sabotaging gameplay in lower ranks, regardless of what you think or say. I also report bad battletags that reference profanity, drug abuse or racist / sexist. I report profanity and any form of abusive chatter. I report wall hackers and aimbotters. I also report anyone that leaves comp for whatever reason on either side, even if they return they are disrupting the game for others.
I regularly (not always) get feedback pop ups from blizzard to say thanks for reporting so I am aware that some of my reports change our world for the better.

I also submit dashcam footage of bad drivers, and report people that dont clean up after their dogs to the council. Due my reports regarding the latter a new dog bin and signs were put up. How about that for making the world a better place. I’m not a do gooder, or a snitch. I have a moral code. A shame others do not, but they will…


Sound like a very sad man…


Nope, have a great life, well paid job, nice cars, nice house, lovely family. I don’t go around making assumptions about others like yourself.
Fully understand the lack of self esteem that causes people to troll / smurf. Doesn’t make it right though so happy to go on leading them in the right direction.


My point is, you don’t know if they’re smurfing or not, they could just be good and you’re reporting someone for no reason, and possibly getting them banned. So you’re alright with getting innocent people banned… Nice one.


I know the difference, fear not. I’ve played these games forever. One report will not get anyone banned. Repeat offenders that screw over lower ranks may do.


I’m gonna chime in 3 days later to inform the forums once again, that smurfs aren’t reportable, nor bannable.

Apologies. I have been gone so I have not read every post in this thread. But I will give you some thoughts.

I think there are two separate concepts:

  1. Smurfing. I would define this as an experienced player buying a second account to reset their account progress and internal matchmaking rating (MMR)
  1. Boosting. This is behavior some players engage in in Competitive Play where one player is more skilled than their partner and attempts to “carry” the lower skilled player to a higher skill tier.

Boosting is bad and we are very actively working on preventing and punishing this behavior. Rules like the 500 SR differential in Comp above Diamond exist because of Boosting. There is nothing about Boosting that is acceptable and we want you to know that we are taking great efforts to minimize the impact on “fair” players.

Smurfing – and I know this isn’t what you want to hear – isn’t really that big of an issue. For example, a few weeks ago one of the Pro Overwatch players created a smurf account and was streaming from it. We were able to watch his MMR internally and compare it against his “main” account. Within 15 games, the MMR’s were equal. I know there is a very bad perception of Smurfing. But the reality is, skilled players are moved rapidly out of lower skill situations.

I’ve also personally witnessed a few cases of players assuming someone is smurfing when they are not. One of the people I play with is highly skilled. He played a ton in the beta. He works on the Heroes of the Storm team and plays Heroes most nights. But occasionally he comes and plays OW with us because he really enjoys the game. As a result, he is way lower level than we are. Most of us are 3-5 stars… and he is about level 30. Every time we group with him, someone accuses him of being a smurf. But he’s not.

Anyway, we will always monitor deviant behavior and if we feel like there is behavior occurring that hurts honest, fair players, we will take action. We are definitely working on the boosting issue.


You can report for literally everything. You can report the guy who asked you to switch and it will be processed and listed as a legit report by the automated system. It has no idea that the guy being reported is a smurf and it will ban them as quickly as anybody else. So there is that, reporting “rules” mean nothing and nobody gets banned for false reporting unless they are a big streamer.


Will still report anyone who disrupts gameplay, for any reason.


No you do not. It’s not even possible.

Yep, many people that think the way you do, get people banned. Those innocent people you’re reporting isn’t only being reported by you, but by other butthurt players as well. Raging because you lost, so reporting for ‘smurfing’ because you’re mad, makes you feel better? Even though they may not be smurfing? As I said, you can’t tell, you’re not psychic.


Being accused of being a smurf in Overwatch when you’re not is like being called a cheat in Quake 3 by a LPB when you’re a HPB, because they can’t believe they’re being outplayed.


Hey, spoiler you only get this INGAME so they won’t know before entering.


Disagree. Not raging because I’m lost, not raging at all i fact, just feel a little sad each time an experienced gamer does this to a lower ranked gamer. Another part of my soul is taken away. Except it isn’t, cos I report them restoring the balance. What goes around comes around. A new low level player has nothing to fear, they would not instantly know all of genji’s dirty tricks, regardless of what you think. People know the difference and can feel it.


No, no they can’t. People can learn fast and be good, maybe they learned in QP, maybe they’re just naturally good at games. Little tricks? No, just skill. Something new players can have. What you feel is a ‘smurf’ isn’t a factual smurf, just your ‘instincts’, which isn’t based on the truth. So no, you can’t feel it, you’re just guessing, and shouldn’t be allowed or even reportable. Like I said, it’s pathetic.


Disagree, I can feel it. No little tricks is not skill, it’s stuff you learn after playing a long long time.

Correct, smurfing like that is pathetic, needs to be reported everytime.