Your games not working correctly? Then don't play comp


Just played a game where one of our dps complained how he couldn’t see anyone in game. If you’re experiencing something like this, DON’T PLAY COMP, FFS.

This should honestly be a reportable thing.


It is reportable, I report all smurfs, leavers etc as gameplay sabotage.

Probably does nothing but it makes me feel better.

I really don’t get the thinking behind people with poor internet or computers attempting to play comp.


Leavers, throwers and such are what gameplay sabotage is, and you should report them but it has been stated that smurfing is not a valid reason to report because “they will get to where they belong eventually” (what about the people along the way tho huh???) so you shouldn’t report smurfs because it’s abusing the report system apparently :confused:


This is ridiculous lol, and pathetic.


Nobody is going to stop you for reporting smurf so go wild


What is ridiculous lol, and pathetic is people making new accounts and ruining games for lower tier players. People that have worked hard since the beginning to get beaten by an ego tickling smurf who gets a kick out of walking over other players.


We don’t even need Smurfs anymore with RQ. Smurfing should be a responsible thing.


What you believe is a ‘smurf’, you could be reporting players that are actually good…


What are the chances that this level 26 Doomfist is this darn good(13 wins and 1 loss with insane stats) and not a smurf? Sorry but the chance that this is in fact a new player is so small I think I can live with reporting him.


You would want to believe, they can aggregate accounts based on access points, IPs, e-mails and monitor such abuse, obviously not. But unless someone cheats, what is problem with new account and good player? You get upset, because rank scoring and historical data burden on the accounts sucks, so it’s problem with the game not with players trying to abuse poor mechanisms.


Yes, the matchamaking is bad. Unfortunately we cant hold Blizzard accountable, all we can do is try to hold accountable the people who abuse the flawed system.


No you have to blame game design, people are competitive and it’s common nature most of them will try to get advantage all allowed ways or easiest way. Tell me motivation of S1 player like me, to play when I never get out of gold, while when I would buy new account I might end up Diamond (based on oversumo stats). So I should buy new account? Or should I buy new account whenever something gets screwed?


If you need a new account to get out of gold maybe you simply suck at the game.


I had multiple Diamond performances (over 2 hours) while checking with oversumo, it compared it with performances of same heroes and shown you your real performance, not random one.


Oh right, a random stat comparing service told you you are too good for your rank and you believed it. Reminds me of that one gold player who was comparing his stats to a GM back when all profiles were public(the good old times) completely failing to realize the gold plays versus golds and the GM plays against GMs. You are not a gold playing against diamonds, lmao


OW has an API, you could pull down all data from all players when profiles were public and compare their stats across the field, not just in Gold rank. That’s why it knew you had performance like Diamond player while staying on Silver with trolls.


It cant know that. At all. For comparison’s sake, Blizzard’s matchmaker compares your stats to the stats of people around your rank. And they repeatedly said that its a complicated process. You are insinuating that this API not only does this but also compares your stats with every player at any rank. Sorry but you’ve been had. It showed something you wanted to see and you accepted it as the truth. Cant blame you for that but its time to face the reality, some 3rd party API giving you imaginary heads up doesn’t mean anything.


Believe whatever you want, + now not all profiles are public, you can check overbuff, but it’s not so good. I would send you link for OverWatch API (not 3rd party), but it’s not allowed. Google it and stop saying that someone is bad, just because you are little troll, who has no idea.


Speak for yourself, hahahaa


People with 2500 posts are obvious trolls, unless they are company staff. Just my personal opinion.