You're not alone

Just tossing good vibes to those trapped in elo hell atm with this bugged matchmaking and the lie that is personal performance based ranking.

It is affecting people throughout the ranks in various different ways even down to pros like Flats with fresh players in his games but with plenty of people calling it out and now articles popping up about it and there twitter getting stormed with the same complaints itll eventually get addressed just like the bronze 5 bug did. If your caught in elo hell its not you, ofc you can always do better but you don’t and shouldn’t feel you have to carry an entire team to rank up yet when only wins and losses matter your entirely dependant on rng right now .

For referance 134 wins as a sombra main with 63% win/loss, Pattern is always the same double / triple dunked to bronze 5 go on an absolute tear. rank up then get put in games with fresh players steam rolled and downgraded and the whole bronze experiance right now is roll or get rolled. Havnt played tank but now 81 wins on support same pattern, Seems to be pairing people winning with people losing resulting in just completely unbalanced games. Roll or get rolled

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And if you try to tell ppl what to do to win you get reported for abusive chat and BAM 30day account suspension XD


I placed gold 5 with a negative win rate have done nothing but climb skipping from gold 4 to gold 2 and then to plat. I seem to have the opposite experience to what the forums claims.

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At least please bring back the old icons or make them better for competitive play. The new ones are awful!

That’s probably because you “told” them, not asked or suggested.

Lessons to learn if you’re getting banned, that means you’ve been reported A LOT.

Same on support. On tank I’m probably just above 50% wr and gone for silver 1 to Gold 1.

Given that the bug has been fixed, I think there is a lot of coping going on with some people who feel like they are entitled to climb.

Less snowflakes then… and if report system work like this is also a snoflake system not abuse report system.

No, if you are just being rude, which I am getting the impression you might be… Then you get what you deserve.

You can ask, if people don’t listen, or don’t care just crack on. Do your best and get out of there and move on.

Competetive is not for snoflakes. It should be fixed to exclude them from comp.

Competitive is for everyone. If you break the rules, you get what you deserve.

Sounds a lot like the only “snowflake” here is you.

“Snowflake is a derogatory [slang) term for a person, implying that they have an inflated sense of uniqueness, an unwarranted sense of entitlement”

Sounds very much like what you are trying to do to others in game.

Nope, and defending abusive report system for people who play OV competetive as solo game and dont care about winning is some kind of broken world view.

Comp is for people who wanna win and compete, not for snowflakes how cant handle critique and perceives other people input about their game as ABUSIVE CHAT.

The report system isn’t great I agree.

But to get banned, you need to be reported repeatedly over a large number of games.

This is your fault, not the people reporting you.

And based off this discussion, I can see why you might have a problem.

Lets seee, abusive report system, ranked bug with lower placement and a lot of newbies snoflakes, what can go wrong?

The report system isn’t abusive. You are.

People are just using it because they are sick of listening to you.

Nope, ppl just use it coz they can… i see you dont know how snowflakes work.

People do sometimes report for slightly soft reasons.

But you seem not to be able to understand just how many reports you need to get actioned. It is a very large amount over a consistent number of games.

If you are toxic in 1 game, nothing will happen. Even if everyone reports you.

And to get a 30 day suspension means you have been banned a few times before for the same thing… You are literally not learning and improving. There is no sympathy for you at that point.

I dont see a point with futher discusion with you…

Good. Because you are in the wrong here.

Nope, you are in the wrong here.

Sure champ.

You are on the verge of a perma ban for toxic behaviour… and I am the one in the wrong?