Zarya player needed to finish six stack!

Hello! I have recently created a team of 5 people including myself for comp next season. We have two golds, two plats and one diamond (me). We are looking for an experienced zarya main who is in platinum and can consistently get big gravs for me to EMP (i’m going to play sombra). We also need someone who can protect their team with shields and tank damage. You must be able to remain at high charge for long periods of time as well.

Things we look for in a player:

  • non toxic
  • plays with the team
  • never blames anyone specifically
  • has at least one year of overwatch experience
  • has alot of hours on zarya
  • smurf? Lol
  • MUST be avaliable to play on september 2nd for the new season

Anyways i dont usually look at alot but feel free to contact me on instagram
See you in the fight!