3440x1440 resolution

Hi all,

I keep coming back to SC2 every once in a while. I have a wide screen Asus monitor and, I swear to God, the last time I played it was at 3440x1440 resolution. If I use Geforce Experience to optimize the game settings, it even sets the resolution to 3440x1440. However, once in game gets reverted down to an extremely zoomed in viewing experience which makes it very hard to play on my monitor. I only play the campaign stuff, not competitive MP.

Am I crazy? did Blizz patch out of the ability to set the resolution higher?


EDIT: I should note that even the campaign cutscenes are very zoomed in as well now, and nothing I change in settings makes it look “normal” on my monitor any more.


You will never be able to enjoy ultrawide resolution, even in single player. It is the reason I abandoned the game after a decade of playing. Not only is Blizzard too lazy to implement it, it is actively prohibiting fans from providing solutions for ultrawide resolutions. Either accept the fact that your troops will forever look obese with all that stretching or that you will have two massive black bars left and right of your screen. Or, you know, just stop playing it, move on to other RTS, and think twice before ever buying from this developer again.


Have a +1 to wishing that Blizzard would implement ultrawide support to StarCraft 2.

It’s 2021, for goodness sakes. The games remain relevant and desired.

Proper implementation is hardly rocket science, nor is it difficult to implement limits in competitive modes or whatever the issues are.


You´re not hallunicating… I was able to play scII with true 4k for a couple weeks too… (about 7 months ago)… It looked outstanding…

Not only that but they also patched my windows 10 not to support 4k deskop resolution anymore… It´s bizarre but my monitor wasnt supposed to support 4k but it did support it… But feature was removed with windows 20N something…

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Yea it would be great if they would add support for ultrawide monitors…

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They need to add this support!

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try to use geforce experia program it can change sc2 settings.

i have same problem cannot play because of my wide screen :frowning: resolution is 3440x1440 and game settings dont go this high :frowning:


is there any hope for 3440 x 1440 :frowning:


nope, they won’t waste their time on this…
they’re that lazy!!!

playin with 2 screens…
main screen is 3440x1440 and second screen is 2560x1440
when trying to play the game this shit completly screws my secondary screen…
even tho i play full screen option… i almost lose 50% of my secondary screen, as it jumps to the right side… it’s f’in annoyin to play this game on 2 screens

Okay bliz, game has been out for 10 years+. Please give us a Ultrawide monitor fix. At least for campaign??

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Never got around to Legacy of the Void…thought I’d install and check out the game again before buying. Noticed it didn’t have ultrawide…uninstalled. Not going to buy. Wild. I have games that are 20 years old that I can play ultrawide with. 2023 and SC2 can’t. Blizzard really out of touch nowadays.

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This game would look absolutely phenomenal with ultra-wide support. Multi-monitor support, sure maybe they can do without. But these days, 3440 x 1440 is the new 1080p. I think it is more than fair to allow ultrawide, considering how accessible these monitors have become in price. Let ultrawide monitors have a competitive advantage if that’s what it takes, but 10 years in, cater to your FAN BASE more than the competitive scene, thanks. And I’m sure the competitive players will appreciate the extra data anyway.

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I too would like to enjoy UW resolution.

2024 now and still no ultrawide support. The game is too good to disappear into oblivion because nobody wants to play with black bars or stretching, add ultrawide support now or delete whichever lines of code prevent Flawless Widescreen to do the job for you!

O pior de não ter a resolução 3440x1440 é que as outra resoluçõs que tem ficam esticadas, impossível de jogar

wanna play 3440x1440 !!!