AFK warning bug in Direct Strike arcade game

AFK warning appear after 10 sec from every action (15 min later from the start in Direct Strike games). Then kick in ~3 sec when I play Tychus on EU server (I don’t know other heros affected or not). There is no problem on US server.

I play on extreme quality. So recorder program recorded bad this video. There is no problem about graphics.

I tryed to tell this problem to Tya and her minion Feralan. But they insulted also instamuted me.

happened to me once, on eu, dont remember if it was tychus or another comm, but it was commander mode for sure

Same problem happens to me on US server too. I tryed Artanis and happened again. So there is no difference between tychus or other heroes and EU and USA server. Also enter key doesn’t work. So I cannot chat ingame.