After the scheduled maintenance, the co-op bug is back!

This happens almost every time there’s a scheduled maintenance:

The free commanders are suddenly capped at level 5 and there’s nothing you can do to fix it. The only thing that works SOMETIMES is to swap to a different server.

Last time this happened was just a few weeks ago and it took forever to get a fix!

This bug has been regularly appearing for years. When will it stop?


Hopped on and wanted to play Raynor. Hes lvl 5. Bruh. Looks like theres an infestor burrowed deep in Blizzard’s servers that they just cant root out. If i remember the lvl 5 bug has been here for over a year.


Hello there,

So I know this has happened a few times in the past and we’ve recently implemented some safeguards to help prevent it, as well as resolve it automatically if it does happen.

It might take some time for the fix to kick in though, so if you do come across this, just check back again later and progress should be restored.


Happened to me today. Last night everything worked well, today I logged in, and Raynor, Kerrigan, and Artanis are stuck at level 5. Please fix it.


Same issue here. Raynor and Kerrigan have been reset to level 5 yesterday.

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still issue in place. Sad

got the same issue, it started few days ago, all three, raynor kerrigan and artanis are capped at lvl 5

Same thing here. Nothing works. bumer.

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The problem is still here, free commanders are capped.

Having the same problem. First time I have seen this and my first time on the forum. By the sounds of it, this has been an ongoing issue and I’m suprised I have never been affected…

Week and a half down the drain, still locked, still no changes, still no fix. I mean no offense but what will it take to finally get this bug eradicated and prevented from ever appearing again? Also, and please do excuse me for sounding grumpy, but do Blizzard devs/designers/testers actually thoroughly test their stuff before releasing? Because clearly this is not a player-side issue, nor is it an occasional bug. This is, and has been, a repeating and reoccurring disappointment for the past number of years.


Posting a cat on guard duty and spraying bug repellant in the server room does not count as a safeguard. But for real, issue still persists.

Can you at least tell us if the developers know about the issue and are working on it?

Because as you can see, the “safeguard” has had zero effect. Nothing has been restored, and it’s in fact gotten worse (used to be only some servers, now suddently it’s spread to all of them).

same here still stuck

when will it be fixed??!

Glad to know it is taken seriously. Looking forward to a fix.

25th june. Still experiencing this bug

29th of June, this bug happened again. This is the second time for my son’s account. Somehow, my account is fine.

I had the same problem was fixed and now again
free commanders are back to level 5 .
this from 7 days now…

funny little thing about “some time” and “restored”. things were working fine literally just earlier today. went to get some dinner, watch the soccer game on tv. came back, and everything AGAIN is at lvl 5.

so once and for all: WHEN will this get an ACTUAL FIX instead of a safeguard or a bypass or whatever? because this has been going on for literally a DECADE by now and STILL returns at the most random and inopportune times.

clearly you failsafes fail. clearly your safeguards aren’t safe enough. a real fix is needed, for all i care overhaul the whole thing , fire whatever dev has been “working” or “fixing” it because it clearly is NOT FIXED. never has been.

so please, a crystal clear solution, or a deadline for a permanent fix would be greatly appreciated by now.

“a valued customer” who showed a decade of patience that slowly starts running out.