Any news on the Leagues being broken?

How is it that somehow in EU specifically the MMR ranges and Leagues are completely broken again?

I went from being Master 3 straight out of placements with ~2300 MMR, to eventually leaving that league only to be place in Bronze 1 with now ~2800 MMR. Even websites like nonapa and SC2Pulse are showing completely scuffed ranges and ladders.

EU Gold ladder practically doesn’t exist anymore, same with Platinum. With Bronze and Masters being over 45% of the playerbase.

How does this even happen and when will some sort of (an at least temporary) fix be coming?


Bumping. Issue has persisted for the entirety of the last season and is still a problem in the current, fresh season. Can we at least get some acknowledgement that this is a problem and that this might even be looked at sometime within the next century?

its crazy broken!

I was ranked 1st in bronze tier 1 with 2850 mmr and after the season roll i got ranked 90 in the same bronze tier 1 with the same mmr.

A friend of mine had no rank and played 5 games got into masters with 2500 mmr.
its frustrating. :frowning:

I just returned after many years and was surprised how broken the league placement is. Thankfully mmr matchmaking works, but the league crawl lost all It’s meaning. I was also surprised how widespread this problem is. Almost everyone I play is misplaced. And seeing that this issue is ongoing for a long time now without any blizzard respond is saddening.

Same here, please Blizzard, fix it ! It work in NA and Asia !