Are the leagues only broken for me?

So I have 2795 mmr and yesterday sc2 was happily saying I am in gold league. But after playing a game today, I noticed that it said that with exactly the same mmr I was in danger of being demoted to bronze 3. I looked at the minimum and maximum mmr that the tooltip said marked the boundaries of bronze 3: Minimum 4968, Maximum 5098.
I know it doesn’t matter for actual match making since I will be placed against people with similar mmr but does anyone know what is going on?


Well yeah, i have 2280 MMR and it says that i am at risk of demotion to Bronze 3. I am currently in Silver 1 now. What is this fucking shit. Fix it Blizzard. Now.

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It’s the same for me, I have 2745 mmr on the European server, which corresponds to G1 but the game tells me that I might be demoted to Bronze 3 next season.
Plz Blizzard, fix that before next season.

It’s not just you. It’s most people it seems. My friend was platinum, and now it says she’s bronze 3. It really irritates me because she was so frustrated she left every league she was in, including the 2v2 league that I was partnered with her in. I’m quite crap at this game, so it’s probably the only gold I’ll ever get, and it’s just gone now.

Same here on korean server. It display the gold 1 insigna but says that I am in bronze 3 and in danger of demotion…

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Same here eu server. It’s bronze 3 for every player, the league system is broken.

Blizzard please fix ! it’s an important part of ladder still…

Yep, completely broken.

You are not alone. Just wanted to bump as well. Me and a friend in 2v2 at 2700 MMR in bronze. Another friend we sliver MMR and we in masters 3. lol totally jacked.

left league re-did placement lower in bronze with higher MMR. lol

Currently i’m masters 3 in 1v1 for every race at low plat MMR.

Ow so that’s a common problem. Then they will orobably fix it soon…

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We are aware of this issue and it is being investigated, sorry for any confusion this is causing.



Are there any updates on this issue? The season has been reset and the issue still persists - there are no responses from blizzard on US forums regarding this issue - i’m losing my last piece of hope - please help.

About 3 weeks ago I logged into my alt account which i won for free watching a livestream couple years ago. I thought let’s give 1v1 a chance on this account.
Did the 5 placement matches and got into Masters 3 with 2800 MMR.
Left plat league on my main account, did one match and result was the same lmao.
When i got the achievement of reaching top 50 masters league yesterday i obvious didn’t feel rewarding haha.
Did one placement match yesterday and got into Masters 3 again for the new season…

I wanted to came back to my beloved game, only to see in how sad state it is - bronze players running with master leagues, diamonds with silver, total chaos and when i look back on forums it seems that you said in APRIL(!!!) you are working on it.

This game was big part of my youth and seeing how you completely abandon the game and dont care is heartbreaking. I loved you blizzard and your games :frowning:

Blizz got a lot of hatred lately, but how are we supposed to still be around your games when you show us that you dont care about those that still want to play…


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More then One year and same problema all seasons …gg Blizzy

Please change the topic as unsolved as this bug came back…

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there are even more bugs. How is it possible to win against a higher mmr and getting 6 points - losing against a far higher mmr and losing 30 points.
That whole league ranking method is absolutly non-understandable and a possible way of discrimanating people.
And please dont write that it is under invertigation - We know that you give a ***