Asians Toxicity

As someone who plays online games a lot, why tf are Asians mainly Koreans and Chinese so toxic in this game lmao. Like jesus christ, like telling me to suicide and insulting my family all the way to my creator because apparently his ‘apm’ is higher while he just spam reapers to scout while i have to defend 2 bases with my stalkers and somehow i got the blame. When i asked politely who speaks english? Straight up go home yangki lmao and im not even white. Im Asian who happens to know more than just korean or mandarin. Honestly, I love the campaign but the multiplayer community is goddamn unbearable, at least in Asia. Is it playable if i play in North America or Eu server due to the high ping?

In EU everything is fine as long as you are not from Russia.


Well in South Korea SC is part of the culture where they dominate the world like we Austrians in Ski Cups.
Only difference is they think they are different races like nobles and commoners or Nazis and Judes so if you can not keep up most of them are either silent or accuse you of playing. In EU everything is good as long you are not russian and in NA they are fine even though as Austrian you get regulary mistake for Australian if you speak english.