Attempting to reconnect and never able to reconnect

I have been getting the attempting to reconnect message with the surrender button underneath frequently in my games, and I NEVER reconnect. It is not an internet issue on my end as I am in calls the entire time and experience no issues with other internet dependent applications. Help please.

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Hello Rolexus,

Please try the steps in this guide and see if you sort the problem. If the issue persists we will need to see your system file and a connection trace. You can attach the results to a website like Pastebin and copy the Pastebin link here using the preformatted text option ( </> )

Got the same issue today :slight_smile: Had no problems yesterday
pastebin com / CZ9hkSv3

Hey Voyoo

There’s a pretty big spike of packet loss and latency happening in that WinMTR on the 6th hop of the journey, before it hits our servers. That’d be negatively impacting your connection to the game. It’d be best to report that to your Internet Provider, and provide them with the WinMTR if possible, so they can get that looked into

Did anyone ever find a fix? This keeps happening to me. I’ll be in the middle of a game and I get the “Attempting to reconnect” screen but it never does. My internet connection seems fine as I am also in calls and live streams without any interruption. Help!

I have the same issue, almost to the letter, there has to be some sort of fix!

If you have a new issue of this problem please create a new topic so we can go through things with you, instead of ressurecting a 6 month old topic.