Audio bugs and continuous updates except the new 5.0.11 patch why?

Hi I need help for a couple of days I’ve been experiencing audio problems in the game in the accuracy of the starcraft 2 campaign that of the terrans, and then every time I access the game it gives me brief updates but above all I haven’t received the 5.0 update yet. 11 how come ???

Got something similar. Every time I open, it updates SC2 to - every time. Yes, the update doesn’t take long, but it is weird. It is as if it can’t remember it already did that one. Does that patch miss a “complete” flag in there somewhere so thinks it still needs to do it?
(Didn’t notice any audio issues at least - once the patch is done, the rest appears normal on mine.)

It does the same to me too, then for the audio question I found it in the campaign sometimes the audio of the dialogues is missing in the mission or in the weapons of the units What is the strange fault of this “Continuous update”?